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The 5 best brands of microsphere pillows

The 5 best brands of microsphere pillows

While all bead pillows offer significant improvements in health and comfort over other types of pillows, not all are created equal. There are certain brands with higher quality standards and thinking about the comfort and health of the user. For some brands, bead pillows are nothing more than a novelty. However, there are other, higher quality brands that put hours of research and development into their products to further increase the overall comfort and sleeping ability of their customers.

Above all other brands, there is Snooztime. They effectively set the pillow standards incredibly high with their style, comfort, and quality. This company strives not only to create comfort for everyone who buys a pillow, but also to offer their product at a fair price. Other top-of-the-line pillows can easily cost upwards of $100, which most people can’t afford at times like these. With its excellent quality, easy-to-wash pillows, Snooztime leads the pack in comfort and affordability. The ease of washing, as well as the special features added to each pillow, make this brand the best when it comes to comfort and hypoallergenic properties.

While not the best, Pike Street is also one of the leaders in bead pillow comfort and affordability. With their line of therapy pillows, Pike Street is one of the best when it comes to support and comfort. Users with back and neck problems may find these pillows just the thing, and the price only sweetens the deal. The third best brand for this type of pillow in terms of comfort and price is Westminster. Wrapped in velvet, they may not be the best in terms of airflow or hypoallergenic properties. However, someone looking for a soft and comfortable pillow need look no further. Another leader in bead pillow technology is HoMedics. While it is a bit firmer, most people who have tried it still report relief from neck and shoulder pain. With added special features like memory foam clusters and ventilated foam, these microbead pillows are among the best.

Another brand that tends to focus more on different shapes, sizes, and patterns than comfort is Moshi. While these pillows still support your head and neck, the main focus is novelty, with different shapes and patterns for kids and adults alike. While the above brands are not the only brands that produce microsphere pillows, they are among the best when it comes to quality and health remedy.

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