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Steppin Back in Time at The Red Oak Fillin Station – Things to Do in Hot Springs, AR

Steppin Back in Time at The Red Oak Fillin Station – Things to Do in Hot Springs, AR

This is for those travelers who love to explore and do so in an effort to participate in experiences that are as varied and unique as the many places they visit.

They look for meaningful and memorable activities.

When you travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas, there are many things to do to fulfill this quest for unique travel experiences. It’s like going back in time when you find that special little establishment that can only be defined as a “gem”.

Owner Ron Lusby says it all started when he had to drive more than 20 miles just to buy a pack of cigarettes. Yes, Ron, you left the house one night to go get a pack of cigarettes and after driving around you soon realized that there were no businesses on Carpenter Dam Road in Hot Springs, Arkansas where you could buy the basics; milk, bread and / or cigarettes. To many, this sounds like a “great story” in itself. Having to explain a prolonged absence.

An hour and a half later, when he got home, he had a “Plan.” This plan would require a complete upheaval in the life of his family. Because it would involve him and his wife selling their other convenience stores in Little Rock and moving to Hot Springs. After his wife Regina considered the proposal, she simply said that “that was the most expensive pack of cigarettes I have ever bought.”

However, with their support a Dream came true and Red Oak Fillin Station was born.

When you enter the gravel parking lot, you first come across an old truck that is directly in front of the entrance. Your gaze then shifts to the old log cabin-style structure that houses the Red Oak Fillin Station. The building is only 3 years old but has the appearance of a much older structure. Thais was intentional in the sense that Ron and Regina wanted the sense of history and nostalgia but with all the new amenities. You’ll appreciate it when you visit the state-of-the-art bathroom facilities. You didn’t grind it here.

Today, both Ron and Regina are available to meet their guests who come for a homemade burger, a tank of gas, minnows for bait, and the occasional “Fishing License” required to fish nearby Lake Hamilton or the lake. Catherine. Homemade desserts are also a local favorite. Fresh cakes and pastries are prepared daily.

This unique and secluded establishment works hard to provide a family and home experience for all who visit. There are specials on Friday and Saturday nights. On Friday nights you can sign up for all you can eat fried catfish and on Saturday nights starting the second weekend in September, diners can feast on Pan Fried Chicken, homemade cookies served family style in the large cast iron pans; a southern favorite.

This is a family-supported family operation and their teenage son is a “professional fisherman” just like Regina’s brother, so they also serve the fisherman. There is a great selection of fishing lures and supplies for the avid angler and leaving nothing to chance and continuing the theme throughout the store, even the ice machine is covered in a “camouflage design”.

After filling your stomach, visiting other diners, shopping for supplies, and chatting with Ron, you can relax on the front porch in large rocking chairs. Nothing is left to chance at the Red Oak Fillin Station. It carries everything and YES, they sell cigarettes.

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