Specialty Merchandise Corporation: Not a Pyramid Scheme

For whatever reason, detractors have been labeling SMC Corp. as a pyramid or networking scheme that has derailed many would-be entrepreneurs who would like to set up their own business using the SMC system. For the clueless and those who are putting the SMC name in a bad light, here are the obvious reasons why SMC is NOT a pyramid scheme:

1. SMC Corp. Doesn’t Ask You to Recruit People

From the beginning, SMC will never ask you to recruit people. Anyone who is recruiting under the name of SMC is not related to the company in any way. It makes no sense for the company to ask people to invite new members. And if you were a legitimate member of SMC Corp., you wouldn’t want to recruit either, especially since recruiting new members in SMC Corp. flagship will give you more competition. There are no chains, pyramids or networks to speak of. All you have to bring to join the Specialty Merchandise Corporation family is purchase a Gold or Silver plan.

The Gold Plan requests $299.95 for a one-year membership in a single payment. The Silver Plan allows you to pay $24.95 each month for the entire year. That is all.

2. You don’t make a profit based on other people’s work.

For people who want easy money like what is offered by network or pyramid setups, they will be very disappointed because that is not the vision and mission of SMC as a company. SMC aims to turn entrepreneurs into ordinary citizens because, as founder Abe Levine said, ‘You work harder if you work for yourself.’

I’m sorry to say that there will be no new recruits to help you along the way with your fees or a portion of your sales. What SMC needs is good solid hard work that translates into sales. There are no shortcuts here.

3. They have real products to sell

Unlike most bogus companies that hide the fact that they have no product to speak of with a lot of jargon and convoluted guarantees, SMC actually has a lot of products to sell. In fact, they have an entire warehouse and 3,500 products to choose from in Montana, California, if you want to check.

Detractors may be confused by your drop shipping system simply because they have no idea what the system means. Here is a guide for laymen. Drop shipping means you have products in a configuration that are available for shipment once the order has been confirmed. This means that you can order through the catalog and in 2-3 days, the product will be delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of going to the site. However, sellers don’t have to worry because the items will receive a custom logo and address to make it look like the products actually came from their own doors. In this way, everyone wins. That is far from being a hoax, don’t you think?

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