Six Leasing Problems Nearly All Renters Face

Tenancy is perhaps one of the most persistent problems renters experience. There are many owners who are paranoid or not very friendly when it comes to renting their homes to potential tenants. The landlords in particular have a habitual contempt for male tenants (mainly those who are single) to whom they (the landlords) pretend something like “Sorry, there are no rooms available to rent here.” Some landlords have a very hostile attitude towards couples living at home and openly disapprove of their application to rent an apartment.

In fact, tenancy problems are so common that it’s easy to surmise the seriousness of the mental pressures a tenant often experiences. Read the article to know more about it.

1. mandatory security deposit

This is perhaps the most dire leasing problem a prospective tenant faces when searching for a property to rent. Usually, the owner requires a deposit in a large amount at the time of taking possession. Prospective tenants are supposed to deposit the security in advance and the landlord assures them that the security deposited will be returned to them (tenants) upon leaving or vacating the property. However, that is not the exact picture of history. In fact, the landlord will take a large part of the deposit under the guise of certain domestic damage caused by paying guests even though the damage was too small for the amount reimbursed.

two. expensive rent

Rents for decent-looking accommodation in most areas, especially the posh neighborhoods, are too expensive to afford easily. In some cases, the owners increase the monthly payment, which is usually four times the amount fixed at the time of taking possession. Interestingly, tenants do not receive advance notice of the arbitrary hike.

3. disturbed privacy

Being a paying guest offers another mind-boggling problem in terms of dealing with the eternal visit of the owner, which is obviously an intrusion on the privacy of the tenants. Unable to convey their true feelings for fear of earning the landlord’s wrath or possible eviction notice, poor tenants have to put on a brave face and greet the landlord with a grudging forced smile.

Four. Assume the cost of repairs and maintenance

No matter how good a renter you are, when it comes to paying for the cost of repairs and upkeep of household items like bathroom fixtures; the tenants have to bear the cost, not the landlords. There are also landlords who are very curious about charging a large amount of money if they hang posters on the walls, or if the landlord paid the price for certain repairs even though the cost of the repairs was minimal.

5. There are no rooms for singles

If you’re looking for a house to rent and come across the slogan “TO LET” on a sign, don’t just conjure up the image that the flat/house is available to everyone. Better ask the landlord if he is willing to rent the house to singles. This is because many landlords are prejudiced against single tenants, believing they are boisterous and will sabotage their property.

6. Eviction Notice

“Evicting the room” is perhaps the most explosive rhetoric ever heard by a tenant.

The fun aspect of encountering a situation like this is that there is no set time frame, no advance notice. It is similar to receiving a pink card at work where you are required to end your employment within the specified period before your company will do so on your behalf. While it is a great relief for tenants to have everything documented, the eviction notice is still a painful experience, especially married couples with children face many problems because of it. The only corrective solution to address this problem is to carefully study the legal documents (rental agreement and other lease documents) and make sure that you have understood the fine print of the rental agreement before you sign it.

Since most people feel that tenancy is such a chronic headache or that finding the right accommodation for rent is a challenging task, they prefer to buy an apartment to get rid of annoying tenancy problems once and for all.

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