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Simple encryption rules for better data privacy

Online media recently reported that some high-profile celebrities have been caught for a photo trick, which is a kind of online hacking trap. They have suffered a lot of public humiliation due to what the hackers did to their personal files. But it is not only limited to celebrities, we are all under threat and therefore we must keep our vital information and files protected. If you know how to keep your confidential data safe, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Below are some simple rules to follow to ensure the privacy of your data.

Device configuration

All those who have installed a cloud application like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google+ should understand that their images upload automatically. It is an alarming concern that you need to be careful about while you are busy clicking and saving images. You should also understand that when you delete an image from your device, don’t assume that it is also deleted from the cloud. It’s just a scratch on the surface of things. If you want to remove it from there, you have to log into your cloud account and get rid of it manually.

Data encryption

Data encryption is very useful when it comes to data privacy and security. All your files are saved locally, but when you share them, you need encryption. There are numerous ways to encrypt a file; Here are the three most popular data encryption methods.

Using 7-Zip

The most popular encryption medium is 7-Zip, which helps to encrypt the files that are in an archive. A passphrase is used to protect archived items. If you are using Windows 7, you can easily download it. After downloading, the 7-Zip menu will be added to your File Explorer and from here, it will encrypt your files.

• To encrypt multiple files, select a file and right-click, then select 7-Zip and add it to the archive.

• Name the archive folder along with a passphrase to protect it, now your file is encrypted

• You can do it both in the cloud and in your email


BitLocker is yet another tool to encrypt your drives. The TrueCrypt feature allows you to encrypt sets of files as a container. Linux users can use Tomb for this purpose, and then their entire hard drive will be encrypted. It is useful for local storage on your system. This program is available for free if you want to get more of it then you will need to go for the paid version.

PGP encryption

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is the most effective data encryption tool. You can create and manage your files with it using gpg4win for Windows 7 users. If you are a Mac OS X user, you can use GPG tools through GnuPG.

PGP, however, helps in two ways by providing a public and a private key that helps encrypt your messages and files. If you want to encrypt a file for another user, use the encryption public key, but if you want to decrypt a file, use the private key.

By using these tree encryption programs, you will be able to protect your images and other confidential data from hackers. You can enjoy sharing things online without having to worry about privacy issues anymore.

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