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Pranic psychotherapy Liberation from addictions or compulsive behavior

Pranic psychotherapy Liberation from addictions or compulsive behavior

I start by defining ‘MCKS pranic psychotherapy’. It is a method that is based on pranic healing techniques of exploration, cleansing, energizing, protection and liberation. These techniques are based on the principles of energy transmissibility from the practitioner to the client, the receptivity of the client to receive healing prana, and the shielding of the chakras and aura from the penetration of elemental and negative thought entities.

Elementals are energy beings composed of thought entities that feed on intense emotions of anger, fear, pain, or hatred. A thought entity is an idea to which a strong emotion has been attached that gives it substance in the energy field. This entity resides in the aura, in the mental field, and can penetrate through the chakras when the networks are cracked, torn or damaged. These webs can be repaired and sealed with golden pranic light energy that the practitioner attempts and transmits through their hand chakra or crystal wand.

The power of the energy that moves the intention is the core of the foundation for effective pranic healing.

Crystal wands are used by the practitioner of pranic psychotherapy to accelerate the intensity of energy that can be transmitted to the client and considerably reduce the absorption of negative energies involved in the healing process that can be attracted to stick to the hands and arms. of the practitioner. you are manipulating energy during the healing process. This absorption of negative energy in the arms and hands of the pranic practitioner is greater when a crystal is not used. This requires the physician to use an alcohol spray with certain essential oils to dissipate any negative energy that may stick to the hands and arms during cleaning.

Depression, anxiety, and addictions can be the consequences of suffering a trauma or injury, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. These harmful consequences leave wounds on the recipient and are often accompanied by recurring thoughts and emotions and, when severe, hallucinations that cause suffering and despair. These consequences can also be crippling and prevent the client from taking steps to gain gainful employment, maximize one’s life potential, and be socially active and financially productive, and successfully participate in relationships at all levels.

The grace of pranic psychotherapy is in its ability to eliminate these negative energies that accompany trauma, injury or accidents. Psychic shielding is also a necessary feature of this treatment to ensure that these negative energies do not re-inflict emotional and mental pain. There is often a need for repeated subsequent treatments to completely and completely remove all negative and elemental energies that are causing the recurring thoughts, emotions, and patterns.

Sealing, repairing and strengthening the chakra networks further ensures the healing of the etheric body and prevents elementals and negative thought entities from penetrating the chakras and affecting the emotional and mental body of the client.

Master Choa Kok Sui has created this protocol which is administered through certified associate pranic healers, like myself, who have been trained in pranic psychotherapy and have documented successes in treating clients with the above-mentioned wounds.

So far I have only mentioned how pranic psychotherapy can be helpful in treating trauma injuries that result in anxiety, depression, and / or motivational paralysis.

Another important treatment feature of this pranic psychotherapy technique is treating people suffering from addictive tendencies and obsessive compulsive tendencies.

The same principles apply when negative thinking and emotional entities are creating audio and / or video tapes of recurring trauma or injury incidents that induce a continuous pattern of repeated destructive behaviors that develop into addictions or patterns of behavior. obsessive compulsive.

Pranic psychotherapy can be a treatment technique for addiction to tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, and other repetitive negative behaviors that are destructive, self-injurious, or self-limiting.

These treatments have been successful in reducing and eliminating panic attacks that clients have experienced in social settings. The triggers that cause these panic attacks have been identified and the elimination of anxiety energies around the aura and chakras has prevented the triggering of panic attacks in future situations.

Shielding the chakras and aura are also a necessary ingredient of this healing technique to protect the client from persistent and recurring thoughts and emotions that are symptomatic.

The element of openness and receptivity should be mentioned as an essential aspect of the healing process. The presence of these elements is necessary to obtain a successful result.

There are also other reasons why people are not cured. Carolyn Myss makes mention in her book: “Why People Don’t Heal”. In her book, she mentions the karmic reason why people do not heal from a particular wound. In summary, the reasons may be that this person has lessons to learn in this incarnation and that this soul needs to go through this trial or tribulation to learn a particular lesson. Negative karma from past lives catches up with us, if not resolved, and requires it to be resolved, perhaps in this incarnation. That is why internal reflection and firm resolutions are necessary to heal any remnants of past life karmas that have been destructive to oneself or others.

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