Potty training through the ages

Potty training through the ages

How things have changed when we look at potty training over the years …

Going back in time, potty training and all its drama didn’t exist. Even today, in primitive regions, women carry their children with them all the time and simply hold them when necessary. Like the delivery, it was a natural occurrence, nothing out of the ordinary and they went back to work in the fields shortly after giving birth.

However, with civilization came problems, too much thought on the part of the professionals, Dr. Gower, Margaret Mead, Dr. Spock, to name a few. The current trend seems to be to leave it for later before trying to learn to go to the bathroom possibly influenced by work. moms being pressed for time.

Now there are schools and professionals that teach potty training and will train your child for you. There are 3-day methods, 5-day methods, and an abundance of books. Apparently “Pampas” and possibly other diaper suppliers have introduced a range for 5-year-olds. However, this reminds me of the huge problem of disposable products. diapers in landfill. They are not biodegradable in the short term and remain underground for years creating gases; while years ago when cotton diapers they were the norm, they were washed and reused.

When I raised my babies, I admit that I was not going to work as I was 5 little ones, but I was not expecting a problem and they were all clean and dry in no time, certainly before two years old, and at night at two thirty. Yesterday I spoke with my sister to question her experiences with her 3 children. They were all born together so his hands were obviously full, but he said they were dry during the day at eighteen months and dry at night shortly thereafter. Yes. I suppose we had some setbacks, for example when children are not well or have an upheaval in their lives, they can briefly regress.

When young children are very engrossed in a game or on television, they may forget to go to the bathroom or not want to stop playing; so a reminder is necessary. I was amazed at the number of books, YouTube videos, and Google articles available on potty training and read a couple. One was about potty training in 3 days. It sounded very stressful, not leaving the child out of your sight for three days and pestering the child every few minutes with “Tell me when you want to go to the bathroom.” I’m all for the occasional reminder, but it was stressful to read, no matter how the kid would feel! The other book offered a much more relaxed approach.

Today, with books galore and social media at every turn, new moms seems to feel more stressed about doing things right, and is expected to be a “Supermum”, a working mother and wife!

Delayed potty training because moms If they are too broke was confirmed today in ITV news, research has shown that delays in toilet training can lead to bladder or bowel infections and, if possible, the recommended 2-year training. With that in mind, I want to share with you my principles for stress-free potty training and some strategies to make your life easier.

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