Potty Training Techniques for Energetic Toddlers

Potty Training Techniques for Energetic Toddlers

Every parent I know is looking forward to the day when their child will no longer “make” sticky, sticky diapers. Most boys will be ready to wear the oversized pants by 18-24 months. Of course, the process is not without its difficulties. Find out the best way to potty train your child, as easily as possible.

Is your child ready? Here are some non-exhaustive signs that it may be time to potty-train. If she / he:

  • Can say the words for urine, feces, toilet.

  • Hates being dirty or wet

  • Appears fascinated by the potty (likes to sit on it or is curious / fascinated with toilets)

Ultimately, knowing if your child is ready comes down to guesswork. If it turns out you are not, you can simply try again after a few weeks or months. Do not force a child to be ready, as it can cause anxiety.

One question to ask yourself is: are you ready?

Potty training takes time, requires energy, and requires a lot of patience. You will do a lot of laundry and go to the bathroom A LOT. Puddles will form on the ground at the worst possible times and you must remember that you are training your child and that is why you cannot get angry. Again, are you ready? Is something happening in your home that could make this an insurmountable task? If so, you can wait for a better time.

There is no “one way” to teach toilet training. Here are a few we tested:

We hooked up and let our son select some big boy pants from Amazon. We told him that he was no longer going to wear diapers and that when the pants arrived, that’s what he would wear. That way we had 2 days to keep talking about it until the pants arrived in the mail. Then when the postman came we asked him to pick up the pants himself (with our help, of course), we made a big fuss and he put them on. He enjoyed it as long as he had no accidents. When it did, there was a crash and we had to deal with it. Also, make sure you are not overly anxious, as you might notice. There is no one way to do this, but there are a few that I highly recommend. Here’s a course that we used with our last born son and it kept us sane and my son seemed happy with the journey!

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