Portable Oxygen Concentrator – Guidelines To Help You Buy The Right Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The best portable oxygen concentrator for sale is the 3L and up Oxygen Concentrator from Resmed. They provide a useful alternative to using a portable oxygen tank and mask. There are many brands of these concentrations available on the market today, some more effective than others, so take some time to look around before making a purchase. Not all concentrations are made equally and the higher the price of the unit, the better quality it should be. Read this article to learn more about what makes a good concentration and why you may be better off purchasing a model with many useful features.

There are many different kinds of concentrators that are available for purchase today. The most basic units still work on the same principle by using oxygen to pressurize a small tube which then releases compressed oxygen into a tube that supplies oxygen to an oxygen tank. The newer models of portable oxygen concentrators have many different mechanisms for delivering the pressurized oxygen gas, but essentially the same concept behind them. One major difference between them is the amount of pressure that is released into the tube. Most concentrators that are made today can release up to 25psi of pressure. These concentrations will be more effective if they incorporate a valve or other means of regulating the flow of pressure inside the concentrator.

A higher priced concentrator often incorporates a valve for regulating the flow of pressurized air into the oxygen tank. This feature is especially important when purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator with a battery or when you are going to be using the unit outside or in an area where there is not an oxygen supply nearby. The valve is very handy because it prevents the oxygen tank from overpressure and causing damage to youroxide concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator.

Guidelines To Help You Buy The Right Concentrator

Another feature that most portable oxygen concentrators that are made today include is a sensor that allows you to determine how much oxygen is left in the concentrator. In many cases you can tell the exact amount of oxygen that you have in the concentrator by feeling a tingle on the tip of your finger or when you press a finger against the concentrator. If the concentrator does not release any pressure then there is no tingling and you have no way of knowing how much oxygen is left in the concentrator. You can also tell by feeling the air on both sides of the concentrator. The lighter the air around the concentrator then the less pressurized it has and the less oxygen is left inside.

There are some additional features that newer concentrators will have that you may want to consider. You might want to consider purchasing a pressure gauge for your portable oxygen concentrator. This will allow you to monitor the pressure of the oxygen as you are using the concentrator. Another great feature to look for is a leak detection system. This type of system will alert you if any liquid leaks from your concentrator. Some concentrators even have an alarm that sounds each time a leak occurs.

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator. When you are purchasing your concentrator, you should always ask questions and make sure that you understand everything that you are buying. Make sure that you have the proper measurements, information and reviews about the product before you purchase it. Remember that a concentrator is an important tool that you need to utilize in order to provide oxygen therapy to your patients. Choose a portable oxygen concentrator that meets your needs and that will provide you with excellent results.

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