Penis Enlargement Exercises: Warm Up, Stretch, and Jelqing

Penis Enlargement Exercises: Warm Up, Stretch, and Jelqing

If you are interested in trying penis enlargement exercises to get a bigger penis, this article will help you learn how to warm up, stretch, and jelq. Although these exercises may seem pretty basic, stretching and jelqing are two of the most effective penis enlargement exercises to date.

Let’s start first with a warm-up. The easiest warm-up you can do before embarking on penis enlargement exercises is to use a washcloth. To do this, all you will need is a bowl of warm water and a small towel. Begin by placing the small towel in its bowl of warm water until the towel warms up.

Once the towel is warm enough, wrap it around your entire manhood, including your testicles. While this may seem a bit strange and even a bit painful at first, it should still be manageable for the minute you have to keep the towel there. Once the minute is up and the towel has lost its heat, simply repeat the entire process. Do enough reps until your manhood feels warm enough to continue with the penis enlargement exercises.

To start your journey towards penis enlargement exercises, you may consider stretching. This can be done sitting down. In fact, it would be better to sit while doing this exercise, so that more blood can flow to the penis area, in general.

Once you’ve found yourself in a comfortable sitting position, create a ring with one of your thumb and index fingers and begin stroking his manhood. The goal here would be to send as much blood as possible to the tip. Keep stroking him and increasing the intensity of your grip until you get a semi-erection. The harder your penis gets in the process, the more blood will enter the tip of your penis, remember that.

Once you send as much blood as possible to your penis and get a full erection, make an OK signal with your fingers and put some pressure on the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing out of it. Then keep moving your manhood in opposite directions, up and down, and to the right and left, to send even more blood to your penis and, in turn, make it even bigger. However, be very careful when doing this.

Another exercise you can do is wet jelq, which will require a bit of lubrication. After choosing the lubricant of your choice, simply apply a generous amount to your penis and hands. After that, start stroking your penis until you have a semi-erection and be sure to maintain that semi-erection for the rest of the exercise. If you feel yourself getting overly aroused at any point, stop stroking your manhood and just wait for the erection to wear off.

Once you get a semi-erection, create an OK sign and place your hand around the base of the penis once more. Then firmly grasp his manhood with your fingers and slowly move the OK sign towards the tip of your penis. You should feel more and more blood entering the tip of your penis when it comes to this. You should even see the tip of your penis expand a bit.

Once your hand reaches the tip of your penis, do the exact same thing with your other hand. However, be sure not to release pressure when changing hands, so that the blood does not leak from the tip of your penis at any point. To complete these penis enlargement exercises, simply repeat them over and over again as needed.

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