The face of Jesus appears on pancakes and toast

These days, when it comes to Jesus appearing at breakfast food, you need to have more faith than ever. Specifically, you need to have faith that some clever eBay speculator hasn’t purposely anointed the Anointed on toast or pancake just to make money. In early February 2006, Mike Thompson of Beachwood, Ohio, claimed that Jesus’ face appeared on a pancake […]

Siamese – a lovely, demanding and protective pet

When you say Siamese cat, most people think of short-haired seal points, which have a slim, creamy-white body, dark brown ears, nose, and tail. But, there are several variations of the breed, as well as crosses like the Himalayan ones, which are a cross of Siamese and Persians. The blue point has a bluish-white body with slate blue points. The […]

All about fiber reactive dyes in T-shirt screen printing

Color in T-shirt screen printing is very important, especially when working with unusual materials such as organic fibers and water-based inks. These will need to be taken into account when planning the design for the t-shirt printing. The color of the fabric is very important because it will affect the look of the design. Dark colored fabrics are more difficult […]

What is your treasure?

With all the chaos, confusion, and “bad news” that we are saturated with every day, and seemingly every minute of every day, it’s no wonder people are looking for an escape … even if that escape is just the “fantasy” of discovering a lost treasure of gold, silver and jewels. Wouldn’t it be nice to dig up such a valuable […]

Business Angel or Devil in disguise – the choice is yours!

Angels are high-net-worth individuals who invest on their own, or as part of a union, in high-growth companies. In addition to money, Business Angels often make their own skills, experience, and contacts available to the company. This has been immortalized by the show The Dragons Den, where people throw for money and also additional experience on dragons. Angels rarely have […]

What you need to know about SUVs

Sport utility vehicles It’s no wonder SUVs are among the most popular cars in America. SUVs provide room to walk and can handle adverse driving conditions and surfaces. They are the perfect vehicle for the busy family on the go. However, there are a number of SUV issues that need to be considered when purchasing any new vehicle to ensure […]

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018

As we enter a new chapter in a new calendar year, it’s time to start thinking about effective social media marketing strategies for your small business. To stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that you adjust your marketing strategy to take advantage of prevailing trends and the ever-evolving market for various business industries. The small business platform has […]