Implementation of foreign arbitration awards in UAE

Obtaining an arbitration award is not the end of the road to rectification. Enforcement or recognition is the later phase, and this phase can be complex and prodigious, especially if enforcement is assumed to be beyond the jurisdiction from which the award was obtained. Challenging the implementation of foreign arbitration awards in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in cases where […]

Why use pre-made website templates?

What would you prefer? Make a pizza at home (make dough, sauce, bake at a perfect temperature. And there is still no guarantee of trying the same as in the restaurant). Or just order one while sitting at home? Now consider the same when designing a website. When it comes to creating a website, many business owners are faced with […]

Direct mail: an old marketing tool with new power

Looking for a better way to connect with customers and prospects in this technology-rich multichannel environment? Would you think I’m crazy if I suggested using a channel that was developed in the early 20th century? That channel is direct mail. And while many of today’s marketers may dismiss it as a quaint relic of days gone by, it’s actually more […]

The benefits of midsize sedans

The convenience of midsize sedans is that they are more spacious than compact cars, but more efficient than luxury sedans. Midsize sedans give you the advantage of having four doors and comfortable seats, but they don’t cost as much as a full-size large sedan. The medium size is practical without sacrificing comfort or design. Most auto consumers find that a […]