Off-season basketball stories

One of the NBA slogans used to be “I love this game,” and now that we are on Day 75 of the lockout, the new slogan should be “I miss this game.” I admire that several professional players and college stars are seeking employment in the Euroleague, but I want the NBA lockout to end IMMEDIATELY! With the summer leagues coming to an end and negotiations stalled, fans like me will have to wait for Digger Phelps, Dick Vitale, Bobby Knight, and Steven Bardo to get basketball back on TV. Let’s take a look at some of the stories from this offseason / lockout:

Turkey has become the hot new country for American players to play. Deron Williams, Demetri McCamey, Sherron Collins are playing there, but DWill is the only player with the out clause once the lockdown ends. Allen Iverson played there briefly last year. Competition has also picked up in Turkey.

Rucker Park has lost its best summer dance flavor. The Drew League in Los Angeles was the league that was talked about the most this summer, with players like Brandon Jennings, Kevin Durant, John Wall and Kobe Bryant playing this summer.

Chicago Pro Amms is now a joke. This summer there were three leagues, Marquette Park, South Suburban College, and my favorite Phoenix HS. I never made it to the Marquette Park games this summer, but I heard they were pretty intense, but the few times I attended South Suburban, it’s not even a glimpse of IIT. South Suburban charges and they don’t even have the marquee names to draw in the crowds. Phoenix HS was the closest to IIT drawing and upcoming Chicago stars like Jerome Randle, Sherron Collins, Oris Eldridge, Jermey Pargo, Royce Parren with guest appearances from Will Bynum. No NBA player played in Phoenix, and most notably, the South Side players did not play. The entire game in Phoenix was intense (especially Sherron vs. David Bailey) with a Pro Amm-like atmosphere with the crowd yelling WHAT WHAT WHAT !!!!!!!!

Unlike 1998, the players are united and much smarter in 2011. Players President Derrick Fisher wrote a letter to League players updating them on what is happening during the negotiations and wants them to stay alert and hopefully they will return. to work soon.

The brand’s freshmen are smart and decide to stay in college rather than turn professionals. The 2012 NBA Draft will be one of the most loaded draft classes in NBA history.

In conclusion ………. I MISS THIS GAME

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