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London Kennington – 6 delicious restaurants

London Kennington – 6 delicious restaurants

There are a number of restaurants and pubs in the London Kennington area serving delicious food and drink. Here is a small list that I hope you enjoy.

1. La Luna Restaurant
The restaurant is located on Walworth Road, London. In fact, not far from La Luna you can find the Cuming Museum that is along the road. The meals served are, as the name suggests, Italian. They specialize in pizza and other freshly prepared daily dishes. The opening hours in the evenings are from six to eleven in the morning. On weekends the restaurant is open in the evenings. A main meal will cost you between £10 and £20 per person.

2. Lobster Pot Restaurant
On Kennington Lane, you can find this seaside restaurant in the very heart of London. Known locally for serving great food in a relaxed French atmosphere. Main meals will cost you between £30 and £40, while a bottle of wine will set you back around £15.

3. Gran Union Restaurant
A household name in the Camden area of ​​London. The restaurant mainly serves burgers with delicious sauces. You can order a salad to accompany the burgers or to eat alone. Wash down with a cocktail or cold beer and you’re sure to have a good meal.

4. D’Eclipse Restaurant
If you stroll along Camberwell Road in South East London. You will find this elegant restaurant that prides itself on serving dishes from around the world. Main meals are reasonably priced at less than £10 per person. While a bottle of wine is priced at around £12, a bottle of beer costs around £3. Guests can order meals from the Caribbean, Europe and North Africa.

5. Toulouse-Lautrec
It serves French dishes throughout the day. Toulouse Lautrec is situated on Newington Butts in Kennington. On average, a main course costs twenty to thirty pounds per person, but is priced to suit most budgets. You can take your family to try the snails, the frog legs or the specials of the week. Guests are welcome to bring their Blackberry phones as Wi-Fi is one of the restaurant’s facilities.

6. The White Stag
Not everyone likes pub food. Don’t let this put you off venturing into White Hart, which is located on Kennington Lane. You can buy a starter or antipasto plate from five pounds. Main courses will start from £12 to £15. If steak is your thing, then you are in for a treat. At the bar you can order wine, beer and cocktails.

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