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Jelqing and Ballooning as Penis Enlargement Methods – Step by Step Instructions

Jelqing and Ballooning as Penis Enlargement Methods – Step by Step Instructions

Looking at your mates, have you ever asked them how big their penises are? Of course you didn’t. Then you wouldn’t know how your penis compares to theirs. Whether you are as large in size as theirs, or not; you have a way to make your penis bigger. Start with a good exercise regimen. It only takes a few minutes a day to achieve a length increase of up to four inches.

As a starting point, measure your penis. How many inches? Record it to compare the duration: existing exercise and post-exercise.

Milking Exercise (Jelqing)

Now you start. Do the milking exercise. This is also called jelqing. Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Both hands must be ready at all times. It is an alternate movement of the right and left hands.

2. Enclose the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger. (You can use your middle finger and thumb if you feel more comfortable.)

3. The touch will arouse his penis. Even if you are not yet upright, you can start with the exercise and you will soon find your organ erect in response to stimulation.

4. Move your hand away from your body toward the shaft. Then have your other hand ready to do the same.

5. When your hand is on your head, your left hand will take over, moving from the base of your head.

6. This process continues repeatedly.

7. Set the starting number of strokes. Gradually increase the number of strokes, perhaps weekly.

hot air balloon

This exercise is simple too but different from milking. It’s best to do it with a partner (who wouldn’t know you’re exercising with them), although you can do it alone. The different steps are:

do it alone

1. Having the penis erect or excited.

2. Do a simple masturbation, if necessary. You have to reach orgasm. When you are ready to ejaculate, hold. Suspended orgasm.

3. Repeat the process. Prepare for ejaculation, wait, prepare, wait.

Doing it with a sexual partner

1. Your sexual partner will definitely turn you on. Then intercourse can ensue.

2. When you are back at the peak of orgasm, stop ejaculating.

3. Continue with the ritual: enter, suspend, enter, suspend.

4. When the programmed number of strokes has been completed, then you are ready to release!

Do you find the exercises easy or difficult? However, always rest assured that these are good exercises for the penis – the best methods to enlarge the penis. You reap the best positive effects only if you do it correctly. Now is the time to measure your penis after exercise. How many inches longer and rounder?

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