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Interior design: the art of defining creativity within you!

Interior design: the art of defining creativity within you!

I think creativity resides in everything, in the way you dress, in the way you talk, in the food you cook, in the way you write, in the way we express our thoughts and even in the way we that you organize the furniture in your home.

Interior design is an art to define your thoughts, personality and creativity. Everyone has a different sense of pouring out art in different ways with their thoughts. Mine is different too.

As an interior designer, I have experimented with many different styles for different houses that proved successful. Let me share some of the best interior design ideas, which will come in handy for you too, let’s take a look at it:

Relive the lively vibes of Kitchen Garden

The kitchen is the place where you can easily flaunt your creative thoughts by adding designer and stylish kitchen cabinets. You can organize kitchen furniture creatively, for a moment, you can make a small vegetable garden in your kitchen.

But how?

This is the exit.

If you have a spacious open kitchen, you can use small wooden planters in the middle and divide the area into a kitchen and dining room. You can separate the spacious kitchen into a kitchen and a dining room.

You can grow your favorite herbs and vegetables in these pots and make them endearing and beautiful. You can grow herbs like curry leaves, thyme, Tulsi, and mint leaves in these pots. You can also grow vegetables like green chili peppers, tomato bonsai plants, coriander, and others.

The greenery in your little garden will look amazing in your kitchen and will diffuse its magical scent into your kitchen and dining room.

A home theater setup for your living room

Living room: a place where all members of your family spend their quality time and enjoy each other’s company. This place must have a charming and lively atmosphere that can make you relax and feel comfortable.

With the creatively designed living room, you don’t need to wait on weekends to watch a movie with your loved ones. You can turn your living room into a small home theater by adding some stylish and functional multimedia devices and furniture. You can enjoy the movie here.

Lay comfortable mattresses on the floor and throw some fluffy cushions on them, and make your seat comfortable. Put heavy, dark-colored curtains on your living room windows and doors. It gives your living room a darker light for better movie effects.

Place a large wall-mounted TV unit with a large-screen LED TV in front of the seating arrangement, and voila! Your own home theater system is ready and you can now enjoy the movie in comfort, reclining on the cozy mattress.

Enhance the appearance of your home with interesting walls

Large spacious blank walls look dull and pale. You can make them functional and interesting by adding full-size wallpapers, colorful wooden wall shelves, and attractive pictures or photo frames.

If you are bored enough to change dull pale walls into a creative and useful one, apply your creativity to them.

Add a huge creative wallpaper; gives a spark and a theme to your place.

Spruce up some colorful wall cabinets or open wooden shelves on the wall. Decorate them with your best and unique decoration.

Place a small sofa along this wall and pin the photo frames and painting over the blank of the sofa. This arrangement will make your guests go crazy for your fabulous interior design ideas. This will surely enhance the overall appearance of your home’s interior design.

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