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I stacked up money: the news is a lie

I stacked up money: the news is a lie

I piled up money because the news is a lie

I stack money because it’s common sense. A person would have to live in a bubble to ignore the events we see and hear about every day. I have learned that mainstream news is nothing more than propaganda. A person just has to look at the way different news channels report the same story. If you see a news report on one news channel, it is completely different from what is reported on another channel. What I have found is that news channels are like listening to a radio station for music. We choose to tune in to only what we agree with. The news company that a person chooses to use generally fits the point of view that the person wants to hear. I piled up money because the news is a lie.

There is no news with the truth and there is no truth with the news

If you hate Trump, you listen to a ‘news’ channel that hates Trump. If you love Trump, you don’t tune in to those channels. A Trump lover will see ‘news’ reports from ‘news’ outlets reporting Trump-themed love reports. Regardless of his political opinion, most people will agree that there are agenda-based ‘news’ stations.

You definitely won’t find your reason to hoard money in major outlets because it’s all literally propaganda. Unfortunately, many people get their ‘news’ from social networking websites to make matters worse. There really is no truthful news organization. What the American public and the world see is simply a machine driven by an agenda. That machine will convince you that money is a horrible investment. The average American will tell you that although silver has value, they believe it is not money.

the news is a joke

I am NOT a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. However, it is well known that the media is controlled. There are hidden forces promoting the agenda of the powers that be that control all aspects of American life. I am not going to debate this opinion because reality is everywhere. Schools, books, social networks, television programs… I accumulate money simply because what I see on the news is not based on reality.

The world’s media is an agenda-driven machine. Once I started to take off the agenda-driven motives, what I saw woke me up… My desire to accumulate money has grown because I see what’s coming through the prism of history. You can write me off like crazy and if you do I don’t really care. But you owe it to yourself and your family to at least think open-mindedly for yourself. Study economic history. Look at the Weimar Republic. Take a moment and watch the Roman Empire collapse when they debased their currency. Fire me if you want, but you can’t dismiss the story.

My obsession with silver stacking began when I first heard the phrase fiat badge.

I stacked up money because of history

It all started coming together when I randomly watched Mike Maloney’s 10-episode series The Hidden Secrets of Money. This video series is very well done and explains the US dollar through the prism of history. What I learned not only surprised me a lot… it changed my whole daily life. The content of the video (and the entire series) shocked my conscience. Once I started to see how the story has unfolded, I realized that I have been a working shlep since I started many years ago. The entire financial system has been rigged against all of us peasant citizens. Little simple facts like inflation are a lie. Inflation is not ‘normal’. It is manufactured to keep the US dollar alive and to make the rich even richer. Inflation is simply a silent tax that causes the top 1% of wealth in America to stay in the top 1%. When I say this out loud a lot of people say I’m crazy. A ‘conniving person’. However, Voltaire said this and lived over 300 years ago. Silver existed thousands of years before he made the famous statement…

Voltaire Quote

“Paper money finally returns to its intrinsic value: zero”

History will soon repeat itself once the dollar crashes. Hyperinflation may have already taken hold and the end has begun. The imminent reboot could be today or many days from now. The hidden truth is that it cannot be stopped. The world debt is too big and the society too corrupt. I used to think that only the United States was bankrupt, but it is the entire financial system of all the nations in the world. History shows us that a fiat currency cannot survive. History also shows us that the American financial system is about to undergo another reset. I agree with what I heard Mike Maloney say yesterday. What will happen to the price of silver will be “between astronomical and infinite.”

the story comes again

One of the main reasons I hoarded money is because I found out that the United States of America is controlled by a small group of wealthy people. You can roll your eyes and dismiss, but that’s your choice. I know what will happen when the dollar crashes and is going to crash.

We just don’t know when the dollar will collapse. I stack up silver to survive when that time comes. I hope I have time to accumulate more money, but nobody knows when the time will come. I heard that you can’t eat silver, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. My simple answer is that I stockpiled money and stored food and water.

I piled up money because I investigated and the truth is before our eyes. The sad part is that most people just dismiss it and don’t investigate. The ‘truth’ is simply accepted and the march of daily life moves on. John Q. Public watches the news and swallows the story and goes about his day. I wonder if American Idol will be back. (Bread and Circus)

The #1 reason I stacked silver is that I not only see having silver as a way to survive, but also to thrive once it resets. And the reboot will happen.

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