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How to turn a ‘friend’ into your ‘girlfriend’

How to turn a ‘friend’ into your ‘girlfriend’

Listen buddy, I know you’ve been watching this woman for a long time and you want her to be your girlfriend. You’ve been in love with her forever, but it seems like she only sees you as a friend of hers. Don’t worry buddy, I’ve got your back. There are some deadly effective strategies you can use to make her your girlfriend. Read on to discover the secrets to achieving impressive and amazing results fast…

How to turn a ‘friend’ into your ‘girlfriend’: internal and external changes

1. Internal Change. First of all, you have to change from within yourself. For starters, if you want her to stop treating you like a friendly mom, you have to stop seeing her as your friend!

This sounds simple, but it is profound. She take her as your girlfriend and start treating her that way. This will completely change the way she sees you, as this will be reflected in your body language and the things you say. It’s effective, try it!

2. External change. Now you have to stop doing the things ‘friends’ do. For example, stop having hour-long conversations with her. You come across as a busy person and you need to prioritize your time for more important things. Being his emotional buffer is not your priority, friend.

3. Covert strategies. Now, once you’ve nailed down the internal and external changes, it’s time to get down to business and use some ‘undercover’ strategies to turn her from a friend to a lover.

One such method covered is hypnosis. Morality matters apart, hypnosis it’s a powerful way to persuade and ‘rewire’ his mind to treat you as a potential lover rather than just a friend. A hypnosis tool, called division, is known to be able to make a woman fall in love in just 15 minutes after use. Very powerful, but very controversial at the same time.

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