How to stop accepting negativity from others

Recently, some students asked if they can absorb the negativity of the people they are giving energy healing to. There is nothing in the process of providing spiritual healing that requires you to take on their negative energy, but some people have developed a habit of absorbing things from others. But they don’t just do it when they do healing or do energy work or advice, they do it everywhere: with their families, at a party, at the grocery store, so of course they can also do it when they advise or support others. people. .

Excessive empathy often begins in childhood, when the child is naturally hypersensitive. Feeling what others feel is a natural gift that all babies are born with, but if the first years of life are challenging, it can become a defense mechanism to know when to get out of the way, or a way to know how to integrate, please others. and feel safe. If the child develops a fearful or defensive vibration, the incoming information may be perceived as increasingly frightening.

Since our vibration attracts more than we are vibrating, there is always a spiral going on. Life becomes scarier and worse, or it becomes happier and better. It is not reality, it is the creation of each individual. This is why I don’t listen to psychics or channelers who say scary and apocalyptic things: that’s their reality, not mine. Your “guides” are being heard through the filter of your lower vibration. In order to hear the pure Source clearly, your vibration must be high. That means you are happy and doing well in your life.

Being sensitive is a gift, but any gift taken to the extreme becomes a curse, so to speak. Every strength taken to the extreme becomes weakness. Your gift of sensitivity to what other people feel is meant to be a temporary reading. Take the reading, then release the feeling. Don’t try to take it for them or assume it for them.

But overly empathic people have an exaggerated sense of responsibility for other people’s feelings and well-being. They do not let others take responsibility for their own vibration and life. It is actually a way of trying to control others or Life.

Feel this if you are too empathetic: It is not your job to save, rescue, transport, or even manage others. The “wounded healer” sacrifices herself to help others, ultimately not serving herself and her clients as well as she could.

The wounded healer is extremely “old paradigm” and we don’t recommend being one. Wounded healers may unconsciously derive satisfaction from their sacrifice, they assume that stereotype unconsciously. There is much more joy available to you in providing your service without sacrificing your own health and well-being!

If you as a helper are unhappy, still looking, broke, tired, overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, your first job is to make yourself and your life work great. You must be contacted before you can effectively help others. Be happy, healthy, light and prosperous and people will naturally want what you have. Live it and demonstrate it in your daily life, and they will come to you. They pick up your vibration.

If you want to help others, exemplify what you want them to have.

Signs of too much empathy include:

Weight Gain: Taking on the weight of the world, or your body trying to protect itself from what you’re forcing it to bear.

Fatigue, lack of clarity, confusion, or overwhelm

ยท Depression


Stick to how well your customers are doing

Sadness, victim feeling, feeling unloved and that it is unfair that you give so much love

Unhappy life: not taking care of yourself and taking care of your own vibration.

Trying to gain your dignity or redemption by helping others instead of raising your own vibration; you can’t help enough people to make this happen.

Feeling a grandiose need to be important instead of going inward for silent, deeply satisfying worth.

The habit of excessive empathy is detrimental to everyone involved, but it’s easy to stop. We suggest that everyone stop empathizing too much, especially if you are going to help people in some professional way.

It’s just a vibrational habit, and you can stop, without processing your childhood, without processing anything, working on yourself, or doing any special ritual. You try it in the here and NOW, where all your power is. Yes, the lower vibrations of childhood will increase, but there is no old paradigm “work” involved.

Try mightily to stop empathizing too much and let the Divine do the heavy lifting.

It is meant to be very simple, and it is.

The first thing you need to do to stop empathizing too much is to make a solid decision: “I intend to stop taking other people’s energy, feel my OWN feelings, be happy, and mind my own business.” If you still can’t stop, get individual help.

Second, if I’ve caught a bit of a low vibration (I’m human): Prostrate (lie on the floor face down with your hands extended above your head in a prayer position) and lay it all at the feet of The Presence. That does it. That’s all you need to do. You don’t need to surround yourself with white light, or do anything to clear it.

If I take on some of the load for a client, or spend some time asking myself, “Will they get better?” I remind myself that this is none of my business and that I get in the way when I doubt it, assume it or worry. Even though I have a shamanic ability to transmute people’s vibration, I don’t assume the low vibration for them like traditional shamans do.

People who sit in a high and strong resonance field with a powerful teacher have a valuable opportunity to align with them (even from all over the world while listening to audios), which helps them gradually move out of their former lower vibrational range. to a higher one. vibratory range. When they do that, and they BOTH let go, miracles happen. If I, as a teacher, didn’t let go, I’d be in the way. If they don’t release it yet, miracles haven’t happened yet.

If they’re the ones not letting you go, it’s none of my business.

If I’m the one who doesn’t let you go, that’s my responsibility.

If they haven’t come to me and asked for help, like in family or friend situations, it’s none of my business, and I let them go, period. My job is to love and appreciate them, not fix them.

Just like in any other part of life, if it’s too big for you, drop it and give it to The Presence.

Some people need to be healers or helpers to feel “important” or special, or to be on a special mission. If this is you, address this immediately as it is the worst reason to be a healer. You need to feel worthy, valued, and complete regardless of what you do. If you need people to make you important or say you’re powerful, you’re on a slippery slope. It never leads to fulfillment.

Someone who needs help from a teacher or counselor has temporarily forgotten who they are, and the goal is for them to remember and, as soon as possible, not need the teacher. If you need to be needed, there is an emptiness inside you, and you find your fulfillment by going to The Presence, not helping others.

You can say, “Well, I take on their problems or their negativity because I love and care and have compassion for them.” But it doesn’t help them. Having a vision of someone as broken, powerless, weak, and in constant need of fixing makes you a contributor to the problem. Again, it is often your terror and failure to allow the flow and goodness of Life to control you, or try to lead others and run the Universe, which is perfectly orchestrated. Learn how it works and you will love it!

Jesus just didn’t see people as sick or crazy, so they couldn’t be sick or crazy for long in his Presence. Being human, his vibration dropped a few times, hence his crucifixion. He Regained his equanimity on the cross, in extreme circumstances! He does not pretend to be an example that martyrdom is a good thing, as Christian theology has proposed. His message was love and grace: redemption without paying any price for it.

Some say that they are so sensitive that they cannot go out in a crowd. That is just a sign that their own vibration is unstable and they cannot control it. You can learn to control it. It is the only thing in the Universe that you can and should control: yourself. Someone who is grounded, balanced, and has set clear intentions will not be greatly disturbed by other people’s vibrations.

If you vibrate significantly with another person’s low vibration, it simply means that there is a small hum of that vibration within you that attracted it. It means that you let external vibrations determine yours, and not the other way around. Otherwise, a low vibration would not resonate with you or stick with you at all. You would happily jump through it.

If you like to use your sensitivity to pick up useful information, like I do, whenever you get useful and uplifting information, appreciate it and rave about it, then let it go.

When you feel something negative about someone, say, “That’s not mine, and while I’m saying ‘yes and thanks for the info,’ you should move on.” This is how you train your system to do what you want. Practice everywhere, all the time until your body picks up the new habit. It is easy.

Low vibration information about your customers is not who they really are.

Do not believe it, do not get involved in it, do not dramatize it or become attached to it.

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