How to Select a Magnet Supplier

Magnet Supplier

Magnet suppliers provide an essential service to businesses that rely on magnetic materials and systems. These companies design, manufacture and supply permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals to a wide range of industries. Examples of these include automotive, oil & gas, aerospace, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and high tech industries.

A reputable magnet supplier will offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. They will also be able to help customers find the right product for their needs, whether that is a disc, sphere or bar neodymium magnet or another type of specialty magnet.

Magnets are fabricated in a variety of ways and have different properties, including porosity, strength, adherence to metals, resistance to heat and corrosion, permanence, and cost. To maximize the performance of these materials, manufacturers will put them through various processes to produce the desired results. These processes can involve compression, extrusion, molding, sintering, or injection molding. Some manufacturers also have the capability to make custom products according to customer specifications.

Magnetic assemblies are used in many industrial applications, from sweeping metal chips from factory floors to holding parts in place during an assembly process. In some cases, the assemblies may have to be tested for durability and safety. The company that supplies the magnets for these applications must be able to provide documentation and support to meet regulatory standards.

How to Select a Magnet Supplier

The most important consideration when selecting a magnet supplier is their experience with the product and industry in which it will be used. A company that is familiar with the specific requirements of an industry will be able to provide better service and lower expenses by eliminating costly mistakes. It is also important that the company understands local safety regulations and be able to answer questions about magnet maintenance and care.

A magnet supplier will have a wide selection of products available, including neodymium and samarium permanent magnets. These are a popular choice for motors, generators, sensors, transducers, mechanical devices, and latches. They can be found in arc, block, rod, disc, horseshoe, channel, ring, and cylinder shapes, and are offered in ceramic, neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, and injection molded options.

Other magnet types include electromagnets, which have a coil of tightly wound wire that produces magnetic fields when electrical current runs through it. They are used in MRI machines and other electronic equipment. Pot magnets are another type of magnet that is often used for fastening purposes. They are made by attaching a magnet inside of a steel cover, and they are commonly used in household settings, offices, and manufacturing.

A manufacturer of magnets for a wide range of applications, including magnetic signage, refrigerator and vehicle magnets, and industrial magnetic sweepers and tanks. They provide prototypes and low to medium volume production runs. Secondary services include heat treating, burnishing, shearing, grinding and honing. They serve the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. They are also ITAR compliant and DFAR certified. JIT delivery is available.

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