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How to revive your vision for life

How to revive your vision for life

Got a great idea but can’t seem to get started? You need motivation!

Motivate: The term motivate means 1. to provide a motivation for; be the reason for 2. stimulate the interest of the American Century Dictionary

How can you discover a motivation to succeed? What can stimulate your interest in pursuing your dream?

When I think about the ways I got motivated when I was feeling down and couldn’t get going, it all comes down to one thing for me…

Re-ignite my vision of life. As a singer/songwriter and keyboard player, I get really excited to see other successful people with the same talents. Suddenly my vision comes to life. I start to review the passions of my youth in music, my dreams and my goals.

Expose yourself to success articles, stories, and people who are doing what you’d like to do.

Maybe you are saying that I don’t know what I want to do, I have so many ideas. Everyone has a purpose in life, a reason for being here. Do the following: stop what you’re doing 🙂

Close your eyes and try to revisit a time in your childhood before you were conditioned by the thoughts of others and their desires for your life (around the age of 8-10) What were your dreams, what gave you great joy, fulfillment?

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

What is it that you enjoy doing that if you didn’t get paid a dime you would still find

did you commit to it?

Open your eyes 🙂 Write it down.

What three things prevent you from achieving your dream.

Is it money? Develop a plan to increase your income. Eliminate money gaps. (ie, eat out every day? Go to the grocery store every day instead of developing a menu to save time, gas, and money?) or a Latte every day?

Is it your health? What are your eating habits? Have you been to the doctor lately for a follow-up and physical exam?

Do you exercise daily? A little goes a long way, just start!

Is it education? Do not be limited by this, however, you can evaluate the education that is necessary to fulfill your dreams. Courses, seminars, Community College, online study


Change your attitude towards life! The Winner’s Creed is a very powerful statement about our mental life.

Whatever you think about yourself, situation or life is what you become.

See yourself successful. Look at that child who did not see the impossible if you see it you can achieve it! I’m not saying change everything overnight or go super positive before you make a move. I’m saying you have to choose change, choose life, and be determined to move on. LIGHT! It’s not too late, everything you need is within you.

How can you use one of the above keys to move forward before you hit the pillow tonight?

Write down your response and use yours as a focus area this week.

Update your progress on the weekend.

Visit my website for additional tips and resources. Be sure to connect

to the motivational resource available today that is sure to help you rekindle your vision.

How to re-ignite your outlook on life

© 2003 Robin Trumble

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