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How to remove uric acid from the body and get rid of gout naturally

How to remove uric acid from the body and get rid of gout naturally

Do you want to know how to eliminate uric acid from your body naturally? Good, because here you will learn 6 easy ways to get rid of gout naturally, without drugs, just natural home remedies.

Uric acid crystals in the joints cause gout. But, it’s your body’s natural inflammatory reaction to these that actually causes your excruciating symptoms.

Uric acid is produced when purines are metabolized in your body. Purines exist in the cells of your body and in the food you eat. Among other things, they help produce your protein and energy needs.

Your kidneys process and then remove excess acid from your body through urine, with a small amount through feces. The relatively low levels remaining in the blood are beneficial.

But, if your kidneys can’t excrete enough of it, then you’re left with high levels in your blood. This condition, hyperuricemia, allows urate crystals to form in the joints, leading to painful gout.

So you need to reduce or eliminate uric acid from your body…

Drug-based medicines can help get rid of gout quite effectively. But they can have serious side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, ulcers, bleeding, allergies, etc. For this reason, more and more people with gout use natural remedies to eliminate uric acid and eliminate gout.

These are some of the most popular home remedies to reduce uric acid in the body…

(1) Eat plenty of cherries which have natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. 30 to 40 cherries, 3 times a day during an attack. Let’s say 30 cherries a day otherwise, for maintenance.

(2) Drink at least twelve large glasses (8 oz.) of water every day to help prevent the formation of urate crystals and help your kidneys process and remove uric acid from the body.

(3) Take vitamin C to help increase urinary excretion of uric acid and reduce acid levels in the body. Eat lots of fruits like oranges, tangerines, tangerines, and maybe look for vitamin C supplements during an attack.

(4) Parsley is a natural diuretic, so it can help remove uric acid from the body more easily.

(5) Vitamin B complex helps convert acid into various compounds that are harmless, so vitamin B complex can help clear uric acid in that way.

(6) Switch to a low purine diet so that your body produces less uric acid. Avoid foods rich in purines, which are, in general, foods rich in protein and fat found in fatty red meat, organ meats, game, broths, shellfish, some fish, poultry, legumes, etc.

Whichever remedy you choose, you should not only try to get rid of the symptoms of a gout attack, but also prevent recurrent gout episodes. Because frequent bouts of gout over a period of time can lead to permanent joint damage and kidney problems such as painful stones.

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