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How to Read Minds: Using Barnum’s Statements to Read Minds

How to Read Minds: Using Barnum’s Statements to Read Minds

Barnum’s statements are an indispensable technique in a mind reader’s repertoire. In a nutshell, a Barnum statement is a statement that seems appropriate to one individual but actually suits most people. This fact makes these statements safe to use with almost any client. The underlying idea here is that most people think of themselves as totally unique, but in reality many people think of themselves in quite the same way. Mind readers can take advantage of this tendency to appear telepathic.

So how do we use Barnum’s statements to “read minds”? The key is to pick just a few statements (not stupidly obvious) and keep it simple. Generally, tell the subject things he or she wants to hear; be more positive than negative. Here are some examples:

*”You are very self-critical”.

* “You tend to think outside the box.”

*”You have a hard time letting go of things”.

* “When you’ve got your mind set on something, everyone else better clear the way!”

*”Sometimes your goals are a little unrealistic.”

If you ever need fresh statements from Barnum, check out the astrology column in your local newspaper. Newspaper horoscopes abound with these kinds of generalities.

When the client agrees with an initial statement from Barnum, he can go on with more details.

Another good strategy is to suggest that the subject’s inner self is different from how he or she presents themselves to the world, since this is true of virtually everyone, but it doesn’t seem so obvious.

*”You are more sensitive than you appear”.

*”Sometimes you are afraid to assert yourself for fear of alienating others”.

*”You have a rich inner life”.

* “You do your best to put on a nice face even when you’re feeling miserable.”

*”You are disappointed in someone close to you, but you dare not say it.”

Also, it helps to preface your statements with a sentence that involves a bit of uncertainty on your part, a sentence like “I have a feeling that…” or “I have a feeling that…” This gives you a little cushion in If the subject does not agree with one of your statements.

As you proceed with your reading, watch for gestures that might indicate your subject’s agreement with your statements. In particular, watch for signs of emotion. These will let you know what to focus on later in your reading. If the person doesn’t react, he should change the subject.

You can test Barnum’s statements in your everyday life by incorporating them into conversations and observing people’s reactions. When you get better at Barnum’s statements, try them as a mind reader and you will see great results.

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