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How to get your ex or current boyfriend to call you in a matter of days if he never calls, texts or emails

How to get your ex or current boyfriend to call you in a matter of days if he never calls, texts or emails

I recommend this tip to any female family member or friend when they find their boyfriend or ex-boyfriend calls or texts them less, or doesn’t contact them at all. This usually works within two weeks and as little as 24 hours. Whether her ex-boyfriend is screening her calls, recently ended, or he emphasized that she would not call again, this tip will always turn the tide in her favor and lead your ex to initiate contact.

Note to lovely women who want to try this.: The advice that I am going to give now may offend some, and those who feel offended: you are lively and bold and I admire you very much. To everyone else, the same feeling and admiration! Every girl has her own innate attractiveness.

These are my tips that I follow and recommend to my sisters and girlfriends (because they work amazingly!) When leaving a message or writing an email, text or instant message to just about any man except dad, regardless of how long you’ve been dating as boyfriend and girlfriend and especially if the two of you have known each other for less than a few months, always keep the letter short and sweet – nothing heavy, hearty or long! Try not to write or call him for as long as you can; You will feel much better if your ex boyfriend calls you first after a while as this is a relief in many ways. First of all, this shows that he probably wants to bring the long distance between the two of you closer and has been thinking of you: “absence makes the mind more fond of great love.” Your ex boyfriend can only think about you if you let him be for a while.

Enforcing the no contact rule with your ex boyfriend usually always works in your favor, as most men need time off to get over the negative feelings and disappointment of a breakup and will only drift further apart if this is not followed. Words can get you through the breakup and through the pain, but men are not the same. Many times, while going out, his voice was an encouragement to him; Now, no matter how he feels about you, it’s best that he receives little to no communication from you in the time period after you break up. If you feel distracted enough to call him when you haven’t heard from him or he hasn’t called you back, he takes care of you and others instead. Try to get involved in a donation activity; it will get you out of a negative mindset. Make sure you are getting enough rest and taking care of yourself.

I went totally against this rule when I was younger, calling and IMing them every day (resulting only in ‘being treated like one of the guys’ and chases from recently broken up guys looking for a rebound) and scared away a few guys in just a few hours. One of those guys came back a year later with great fervor when I followed this advice, calling me several times a day; he told me that in the past he felt that I was “too strong” while he showed my interest-I agree!

Some of the reasons to severely decrease or eliminate contact with your ex boyfriend is so that you don’t have to sit there in the painful or embarrassing silence of a silent phone or checking an email that never arrives. I think we’ve all been there wondering if she’s read our message yet or if her phone is off, if he’s with someone else or her ex, or if she forgot. The reason she won’t contact you back may be far-fetched, but you’ll only strengthen her resolve by sending her more communications. His “no contact” is already a message to you: that you are not ready to talk right now, but you probably will be later. You will definitely know when he calls you that he wants to hear you talk.

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