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How to get your ex boyfriend back now!  Stop trying the same old tricks and follow this right now

How to get your ex boyfriend back now! Stop trying the same old tricks and follow this right now

Do you want to make an impact on your ex boyfriend and get him back? If your answer is yes, then the time to act is now. Read on to learn about the different ways you can get your ex back now.

put on a new look
The first thing you will need to do is make your ex sit up and take notice. Head to the salon and get an extreme makeover. A quick stop at dermatologists can help instantly rid you of dull skin and open you up to a world of sophisticated treatments that will leave you looking like new.

ignore it completely
The next thing you should do is ignore your ex completely. He will feel that you have this new look to impress him. But when you walk past him and don’t even look at him a second time, he starts wanting you again.

Paint the town red
Instead of sitting at home, sulking and stuffing your mouth (and expanding your waistline), go out with your gang and paint the town red. Let yourself be seen living large. When your ex sees how much fun you’re having, he’ll automatically want to reach out to you for a reaction. Ignore him again and keep the magnetic attraction alive.

laugh at the breakup
Do not stop at the break at any stage. It sounds like you’re actually laughing at the breakup and moving on. When your ex sees that you are not thinking about your relationship with him, it will start to hurt you and he will realize your true value.

make an entrance
The next time you know your ex is going to be in a particular hot spot, you need to get there. But this time make an entrance. Head there with the best arm candy, a guy that will make your ex look like a little kid. When your ex sees you with a plate, he will automatically start coming back to you.

Be passive with your ex
Whenever you see your ex, don’t go overboard and be overly friendly. You have to be okay with him at all times. It is your passivity that will make him see how things are going to be now that you are no longer in his life and he will make him suffer for your love.

deliver the ultimatum
When he approaches you to see if things can work out, be clear and tell him that you are not going to wait for him to make up his mind. So you need to be clear and make a decision. You will soon find him back with you.

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