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How to fix a marriage with intimacy problems

How to fix a marriage with intimacy problems

There are many reasons that cause problems in marriage. However, there are growing concerns about marriage with intimacy issues. A sexless marriage can cause pain, shame, and insecurity for either partner. The first thing you can assume when faced with this dilemma is that your partner no longer has sexual desires for you or has turned to someone else to satisfy her own desires. However, in most situations, this is not the case. So how do you fix a marriage with intimacy issues?

Being married for a long time can cause a change in the couple’s relationship. At the beginning of your marriage, it was just the two of you. They made time for each other. Making love together was an exciting thing to look forward to. But over the years, your family grew. Their focus has shifted to meeting the needs of children or working hard for a promotion that provides well-being for the family. You finally realized that sex has become less frequent and your intimate moments with your spouse have become a thing of the past.

Finding a way to fix the marriage with the intimacy problem is for you to get that “feeling of love” back. Let your spouse know that you want to spend quality time alone with him/her. Get a babysitter at least once a month so she can go on a romantic date like she used to. If money isn’t an issue, how about taking a week’s vacation after dropping the kids off at their grandparents’ house? However you spend your time together, make sure it’s quality time. These will reignite the feeling of excitement and passion once more.

Another way to fix your marriage without sex is to get a physical examination by a doctor. Lack of sex can be caused by painful intercourse or a failed erection. These problems can be corrected medically and will improve your situation later.

Stress can be another factor in a sexless marriage. Some couples take their work or work problem to bed. Make your bedroom a relaxing and calm place. Get rid of electronics, office files, and other things that shouldn’t be in the bedroom in the first place. Instead, create a romantic setting to affect your spouse’s mood. Scented candles, dim lights, massage oils, and soft, romantic music can set the mood that will definitely lead to a passionate, intimate encounter with your spouse. Don’t forget to close the doors!

Other couples, of course, have more serious issues that cause a lack of intimacy in their marriage. However, these simple steps can be effective and can help fix a marriage with mild intimacy issues.

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