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How men can give women powerful orgasms by sucking on her breasts (dare you try it tonight)

How men can give women powerful orgasms by sucking on her breasts (dare you try it tonight)

Most women can have a powerful orgasm by sucking on their nipples and breasts because there is a nerve that connects the nipples and the clitoris. Learn the four steps to create this great pleasure for her. Imagine what you will get in return.

This also makes it very convenient because you don’t even have to reach its bottom parts. If you are in a place where that would be very difficult, you can still give her a great orgasm by sucking on her nipples. That’s assuming you know how. Here are four easy steps to follow.

Step one. You must get to her head and prepare her for it. Never force a woman into anything. Make her want it in her place. Get her excited about her by putting her in the mood for it. Thousands and thousands of songs have been written about getting a woman in the mood, but when the time comes, most men just rush off and forget about it.

Not only will the woman become more aroused, but the man will have one of the best moments of his life, if he takes his time and enjoys the long session. He takes his time.

Second step. Before you start kissing her breasts, do some preliminary “work.” Mock up the ears and neck. Kiss the corners of her mouth and tell her how pretty she is. Give him some good kisses with your mouth and tongue. Some women can have a huge climax just by kissing her mouth. How cool would it be if you are trying to make him cum through her breasts and you get a huge climax from kissing her mouth?

Step three. Do some preliminary teasing on her breasts. Ask her to remove her bra. Why fight him and lose the fun of her slowly taking it from him? She wants to take it off. She wants you to ask her to take it off.

Do some preliminary teasing at the bottom of your balloons. Don’t touch the nipples yet. Tease her breasts by gently kneading, stroking and kissing all but the nipple.

Step four. sucking her Now play with her nipple with your fingers and twist it around a bit. Remove it. Don’t hurt her, but she loves the pulling action.

Now finally, apply your lips to her swollen nipples. Use a little bit of teeth action as you brush them over her pink nipples. Sweater a little.

You should start panting. Now take her breasts, swollen as they are, in your hands and put them in order. Draw her nipples in your mouth and suck. Suck on the nipples and let them go. Suck in and let them back off. This is almost like the movement you make when you stroke your penis. Stroke and let go with your mouth.

See how much pressure you can take. If it doesn’t hurt, then suck on them as hard as you can. Listen to the comments and tell him some naughty stories you can.

Ask him how close he is to cumming. No pressure, but talking about it might make the experience better. She should be ready to cum now.

I’ll leave a candle lit for you.

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