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How I lost the feeling of Reiki flowing through my hands after an attunement

How I lost the feeling of Reiki flowing through my hands after an attunement

Don’t worry about losing the feeling of Reiki passing through your hands after an attunement. You haven’t lost Reiki but you just don’t feel it passing through your hands anymore. Let me tell you about my own attunement experience to explain. At my first Reiki attunement, I felt nothing, except that at the attunement itself, I had an out of body experience. But even this out-of-body experience was particularly mundane; I went to a computer store and stared at the shelves full of brown boxes! After this attunement, I also did not feel anything at all, but somehow I knew that I wanted to continue on this path. At my Reiki 2 attunement, I cried non-stop, although they weren’t tears of sadness. It was a very strange feeling, but my Reiki Master assured me that I should let it happen, and she gave me lots of tissues. After this attunement, I could always feel the Reiki coming out of the palms of my hands. This was especially when I gave myself or someone else a healing. Three years later, I was ready for my Master Reiki training. During my Mastery attunement, I felt nothing. And after this attunement, I lost the feeling of Reiki constantly flowing from my hands! However, by then, I was a full-time practitioner and my clients commented that they felt my energy was stronger in some way.

Later, I took another advanced attunement called Sakara. I didn’t feel anything in that tune either. However, would you believe it? After that, I felt the Reiki flow from my hands! But the story does not end there. I went for another advanced tuning afterwards. This one was called Cahokia. It was an amazing workshop, I felt the attunement and then again I lost the feeling of Reiki flowing through my palms.

Through my experiences, I found that with each attunement, I became a better healer, regardless of how I felt during the attunement or afterward. Reiki is felt in the effects that it has in our lives. The desire to feel something while giving or receiving a treatment is just our own need for reassurance and has nothing to do with Reiki. I now trust that the Reiki is doing its job and I just allow it to happen. Anyway, that’s my story. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter if you feel the Reiki or not. It flows through anyway.

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