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Harness the power of the Holy Spirit

Harness the power of the Holy Spirit

The wind is a powerful and mysterious force. It blows where it wants and cannot be controlled by man. Throughout the centuries, many have tried to predict how the wind will blow in order to take advantage of its power:

Wind power remains difficult to manage due to its variability; You can’t always count on her. even the number of leaves on nearby trees.

God’s breath is like the wind. The Hebrew word “spirit” (RUAKH) basically means “wind or breath.” And like the wind, we can’t always predict what God is going to do. He is not under our control.

We can count on it to move, but we cannot count on it to move according to our own expectations. Nor can we count on him to move in the same way that he has before in our lives. However, although we cannot fully understand how he moves or when he moves, God wants us to draw on his power. He wants us not only to harness his power, but also to learn how to effectively harness the wind of the Spirit.

We cannot dictate how the wind will blow, but we need to understand how the Spirit of God works. We need to know the times and the season when his breath will blow and be prepared to become wind like a windmill does.

Windmills are designed to take energy from the wind and turn it into something useful or to complete a task like grinding grain or producing electricity. So it is with God, the wind of the Spirit blows to be used for a specific purpose or task. A windmill is often located on higher ground so that it can access available wind. The location is crucial as it ensures that the blades can have access to the slightest gust of wind.

To take advantage of God’s breath we need to be close to Him. This is done in prayer and reading His word. In moments of stillness we began to hear the sound of the wind moving the leaves as David did.

When you hear the sound of walking on the tops of the mulberry trees, then you will be startled, for then the Lord will go out before you to smite the army of the Philistines. 2 Samuel 5:24 (NIV)

Allow your spirit to be like a windmill, learning to see where God’s breath moves and then bowing in humble submission to His will and work. Let it blow on you, gently to caress you. Then allow it to blow with great power so that He will not only take your breath away, but loosen everything that needs to be shaken and stripped from your life.

So open your arms, like the blades of a windmill, to embrace the wind.

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