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Great health, great life

It’s no secret that being healthy means you’re living a great life. So since it is not surprising, why do some insist on boycotting healthy living? A healthy lifestyle is the gateway to a happy, fulfilling, and fulfilling existence. It’s a ripple effect: healthy lifestyle> healthy habits> happier person. The benefits of being in good health are overwhelming (in a good way), so it’s important to consider the benefits of a healthy life that we may have forgotten about. We’ll see:


One of the biggest benefits of a healthy life is the amount of energy you will have. When you eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they provide you with energy that other bad foods cannot. So when your body is not burdened with digesting unhealthy food, it receives a great deal of energy to go about your daily activities and even for exercise. The only downside to eating healthy is that your body will have to adjust and this adjustment takes time. Don’t worry if you tend to feel a little worse. That is your body taking advantage of your healthier eating and it will start to get rid of the bad stuff. Do not give up! Stick with it and you’ll soon be on your way to the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Mood / feelings

So this really shouldn’t be a secret. When you lead a healthier lifestyle, you are undoubtedly 100% happier. Your diet has a lot to do with your mood. When you eat fruits and vegetables, you start to get the vitamins and minerals that your body has been craving. Exercise can also improve your mood. When you know you are working towards being fit and healthy, exercising along with a good diet can really lift your spirits and give you the confidence and motivation to keep traveling by truck. You will feel better about your appearance.

Remember the giggle commercial when they show you’re not yourself when you’re hungry? Yes, that is called hypoglycemia! Foods with less protein can make you feel a bit more hungry, and sometimes you have cravings because your body is asking for something that your body feels is lacking.

To sleep

Exhibiting healthy habits also leads to a domino effect in the case of sleep. When you eat right, exercise every day, and simply lead a healthy life, you tend to sleep better. You improve your sleep cycle so that when you wake up you feel as refreshed and awake as ever. And we all know how crucial sleep is to our well-being. With sleep, you can say goodbye to those bags and dark circles and hopefully mitigate that feeling of lethargy that most people exhibit when they lack sleep. Remember that 6 to 8 hours a night can really make a difference during the day.

But here’s an additional fact: Did you know that models sleep more than 8 hours a night? Yes it’s true! Sleep plays a very important role in weight loss. The later people stay awake, the more likely they are to eat. Eating after 8pm is probably not in your best interest because your metabolism tends to slow down at that time. That is why it is recommended that you start each morning with a well-balanced breakfast so that your metabolism can start to get to work early in the day. And to be honest, going to bed full is not the best feeling. You just feel gross.


This one is BIG and a domino effect too. Healthy eating, exercise, elevated mood, and sleep help reduce stress levels. When you eat healthy you have energy. When you have energy, you can exercise. When you exercise, you sleep better in addition to being in a happier mood. When you sleep well along with good humor and peace of mind, you are instantly less stressed. Watch? Everything has an effect on others. When your stress levels drop, your health improves, allowing your body to focus on other things. When you’re less stressed, you sleep better, think better, and function better. Who doesn’t want to be able to do all that?

But yes, from time to time people “eat their feelings” and, for the most part, it is due to stress or anxiety. Food serves as a comfort to their bodies that they might otherwise lack in other parts of their lives. The goal is to combat these addictions, especially to unhealthy foods that do your body more harm than good.

Fight disease

DUH! This is really a no-brainer. When you are healthier, you have far fewer medical problems to worry about. Normal cholesterol levels, blood pressure, arteries, they all get lower (not to say they shouldn’t be checked regularly). Not to mention, if you do indeed get sick with something like the common cold, you’re more likely to kick it faster. Eating healthy can lower your chances of getting heart disease or diabetes, or even depression. Much less to worry about when your health becomes important.


Also a no-brainer. Fact: Smoking takes years off your life. This is something we hope we all know. So when you completely avoid or quit smoking, you are doing your best to either increase the length of your life or delay the years that those cigarettes may have taken off. The same goes for food and exercise. Healthier people tend to live longer; also a fact. The American Council on Exercise has been reported to conclude that after an 8-year study, 13 million people who walked for just 30 minutes a day significantly reduced their chances of dying at a young age.

Nobody wants to live in the late 80’s with hardly being able to get out of bed. A big trend in medicine is preventive medicine, the concept of trying to lower your chances of getting cancer or disease. Let’s try to enjoy every moment of our retirement and that includes being healthy enough to do whatever you want!

So it’s easy to see why there should be no reason not to live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many benefits that could significantly improve the way we live our lives. Better sleep, happier moods, more energy, are just some of the benefits we receive when we improve healthy habits. Let’s get going and activate that motivation that I know we all have within us. We support you!

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