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Formula for an explosion of traffic and income in three months

It starts with content quality and unique content (C);

Graduates in Website Optimization (O);

It becomes traffic (T);

Traffic snowballs in conversion/revenue (I)

COTI= Web Revenue Growth

I have put this formula into practice and in 3 months, what modest but amazing results I have experienced! I have also checked with some of the experts, and the same spectacular results are what they have been enjoying for over 2 years.

1. If you can, research unique and special niche areas/topics, which are not as targeted by spammers; after:

2. Create a website around that niche topic.

3. Create content DAILY with a minimum of 5 articles and/or press releases on that niche topic. This would leave you with a minimum of 150 to 300 indexed pages at the end of each month. You should further help yourself by setting up a Google Alert on that topic or keyword. is also a fantastic source of material for your niche area, just type your keyword into their search box; from the search results, you can copy (please don’t click) the reference (I don’t expect you to click as an expert, I don’t want us to violate Google’s TOS).

4. Optimize your website by submitting to search engines, I focus only on the 3 biggest: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

5. Apply for a Google AdSense account (if you don’t already have one). Paste and optimize your contextual AdSense code on your site.

6. Join or sign up as an affiliate to promote other products online

7. Don’t wait, keep working on your articles and comments

Using this formula (COTI), I have seen many writers, publishers, and online entrepreneurs smile from a measly $30-$50 in the first month, increased to $150-$200 the second month, and increased to over $350-$ 500 in the third month. I’ve also heard of entrepreneurs who kept up this pace and the momentum jumped to over $1500-$3000 per month by the end of their first year.

This formula is by no means exhaustive, nor is it a magic wand for lazy get-rich-quick online hucksters. Results would come by dint of sheer dedication, creativity and HARD WORK to obtain them.

In my web career, I’ve seen, from rough estimates from my AdSense publisher friends, that over 85% of them made a mediocre income of $300 or less per month from AdSense alone. A consistent application of this formula (COTI) can change the fortunes of any serious and hard-working writer in a year.

In short, if Quality and Plenty Content is KING; so Optimized and Targeted Traffic is the path to the Throne for that KING. After all, a king without a palace cannot command the respect that befits that royal office.

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