Finding our stream of happiness: a review

While browsing through a book on Amazon, something caught my eye and ignited my interest while reading the book summary that, I can tell, really compelled me to buy it. It is the book “Finding Our Happiness Flow” written by Dr. Robert Puff, Ph. D, clinical psychologist, life coach and international speaker, expert in advising people and organizations for twenty-five years.

Now, I started to ask myself, what is true happiness? With all the pressures and demands of life and society, can a person be truly happy? I am happy? These are just a few of the questions I asked myself as I progressed through the book.

What I love about the first chapter is the story of God and Jim, the person who keeps praying to God for everything. Then God appeared to him and asked for his last wish, whatever he wants. God taught him what he needs. Well, the core value of the story is that satisfaction is happiness. When you learn to be satisfied with everything you have, you definitely become happy.

Appreciation and determination

Dr. Robert Puff mentioned in the book that labeling things will prevent us from achieving true happiness. In his book, he recommends that we take slow and long walks, listen to nature and see things without having to analyze them too much, just looking at them as fresh and new. That way, we will surely enjoy the journey and see the world as a happy and beautiful place to live.

Also, in the book, the author emphasized that to be truly happy, one must be serious not only to achieve our goals like fame, money or success, but also to be happy in oneself. One can be successful without being happy. We need to be flexible and accept that life can change.

Living life to the limit

Dr. Robert Puff mentioned in a chapter what we can learn with his kindergartener, one of the few who won a bronze medal. Despite the fact that many her age won gold medals, the girl appreciated what she won and did not envy what other children obtained. That is the main point of the story, we should never compare ourselves to other people. We shouldn’t push ourselves too hard to get something just because others did. When we compare ourselves to others, we increase our chances of leading a miserable life.

The book can teach us to appreciate what we have, focus on the things we love to do, and live life to the fullest. We must be open to the possibility of failure, but that is what life educates us, to win and sometimes to fail, to teach us something and make us stronger.


The media have a great influence on our lives. Everything we see on television or what we read on different platforms can brainwash the community, especially when it comes to wealth and power. Then the book recommends that before doing something like dieting, watching cynical TV shows, or anything that changes our lifestyle, we should ask ourselves if those things are good for us. Do they make us happy and healthy in a holistic way? Answering these questions will guide us to a greater good that will lead us even more to happiness.

There are many more concepts in the book that are undoubtedly substantial and something we should think about in order to achieve the happiness we deserve. I myself find this book enriching and inspiring. It’s amazing to know that little things can mean a lot and can also make you happy in even the simplest way. The book is filled with uplifting and true stories that are quoted in a conversational style.

If you still want to know more about the book, you can go to and search for the book “Finding Our Happiness Flow” by Dr. Robert Puff. Begin to discover yourself more and be determined and sure of what and how you can be happy.

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