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Find vintage jewelry at wholesale prices

Antique jewelry is often very valuable and costs a considerable amount of money to buy. On the other hand, you can buy antique jewelry, also in bulk, knowing where to look.

Most people think that online auctions, like eBay, are the way to go. While this is true, you’ll often find that the vendor knows the value of what they’re selling, and sometimes it’s expensive. There are other methods of obtaining antique jewelry at wholesale prices or less.

Keep an eye out for advertised property sales and garage sales. Usually in these sales, the people making the sale do not know the real value of what they are selling. It is virtually possible to buy hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of vintage jewelry for just a few dollars on a typical Sunday morning.

It is crucial that you do not look too closely at the jewelry when shopping. If it’s valuable, you don’t want the owner to know how valuable it really is! It’s not your fault that you haven’t been screened, as you often will be when you leave! Keep a straight face and keep the satisfaction to yourself, and pay the fifty cents or two dollars they want for the item, get in your car and go to a reputable jeweler for an appraisal!

There’s a chance the piece is worth nothing, but sometimes you’ll stumble upon some real finds! Even if the piece is worth nothing, you will be able to take it apart for parts if you make jewelry.

Looking for wholesale antique jewelry is a nice thing to do. Sometimes spending mornings at garage and real estate sales can get very addictive! Garage and estate sales, especially estate sales where the grandkids aren’t interested in their grandmother’s ugly old-fashioned jewelry, are the best places to buy antique jewelry at wholesale prices, or less.

This by no means means there aren’t any real finds on eBay, so don’t dismiss it. Look in the jewelry categories as well as the antique or vintage categories. Once you find something you want to bid on, make sure the seller has a good reputation. If an item is very expensive, use eBay’s recommended escrow option. Also, start a conversation with the seller to understand exactly what is being sold.

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