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Fear of bridges? Get over your fear fast with EFT

How disasters become fears and phobias

Yesterday, August 1, 2007, the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, leaving little hope for survivors in a very short time. Those on the bridge at the time couldn’t have done anything to help themselves, as it just happened too fast.

how fears begin

Fears often start the same way. Something happens or we see or hear something that we don’t want to happen to us and a fear is born. For some, the mere thought of the terrible effects of enduring trauma causes them to rehearse the scenario as if they were actually experiencing it, thus creating a full-fledged phobia. Then the phobic pattern is simply executed each time the fearful thought returns.

A good example is when a person is about to step off the curb as you approach because suddenly you can’t reach them. The sudden wave of fear rushes over them and their instincts take over and push them back just in time. From then on, every time you approach the same intersection, your heart may pound, you may find yourself short of breath, and think of that earlier near miss. Some will simply refuse to walk that route again, while others will realize that they are entering a state of fear and can calm down.

If you already have a phobic or fear pattern, simply deciding that you want to stop doing it won’t work. Your brain is designed to do what it does best, and that is to execute familiar patterns over and over again. Otherwise, simply deciding what to do from one moment to the next would take too long. Using EFT can eliminate fear, without the need for long discussions or months on the couch.

Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Fear

You can learn EFT by reading the free manual on EFT founder Gary Craig’s website. You can also work with a practitioner like me who can walk you through the EFT process over the phone. In as little as a 45-minute session, your fear of bridges may be completely resolved. Not everyone achieves the same quick results, but since doing the EFT procedure yourself takes about two minutes, why not learn it, use it, and see it for yourself?

Once you’ve learned it you can use EFT for fears, traumas, anxieties and other things like sports performance and even weight loss, my specialty. Interestingly, this type of fear or anxiety can cause much of our overeating and indulging behaviors, which is why I often work to reduce fears in my weight loss work. Don’t let fear rule you.

Older bridges are dangerous

The Bridges And Structures Of The Major Rivers Of Minneapolis And St. Paul notes that the I-35W bridge’s “Claim to Fame” was being “built with a single 458 foot long steel arch to avoid putting docks in the water to impede river navigation.” Weeks adds, “a civil engineer from the University of Minnesota in a report for MN-DOT recently noted that this bridge is considered a non-redundant structure. That’s it, if one member fails, the entire bridge can collapse.”

Not all bridges have this design, and those that do are not necessarily doomed to failure. Instead of being ruled by fear, there is a simple, self-administered method that you can learn quickly that helps reduce fear and eliminate the anxiety and stress associated with it. Car accident victims also experience this type of fear and are afraid of driving or riding in cars. Imagine not being able to get into your car without experiencing severe anxiety, and imagine how much better your life would be if you didn’t have that fear.

Examples of using EFT for fear of bridges

Here are some sample EFT statements. You would say this, then tap on the seven separate tapping points. Interestingly, you need to think about the fearful state or condition while doing the procedure or it is not affecting the correct thought pattern. Don’t try to overanalyze EFT, just try using it and see what happens.

“Even though I’m too scared to cross a bridge, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though the thought of having to drive across the bridge makes me sick, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“Even though people died on that bridge and they didn’t know it happened and you can never tell when things will happen, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I feel powerless with the world around me, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You can change the words to whatever thoughts you have, or you can think about how you feel before you cross a bridge, then do a round or two of EFT right now, then tonight, and again tomorrow.

If you weren’t afraid of bridges but now think maybe you should, use EFT on that, “Even though I’m stupid to think the bridge will support me, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

EFT takes a few minutes to use and is especially helpful for fears and phobias. Learn and use it and you will find yourself feeling much better and lighter as you go about your lives, living in our uncertain world.

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