Dutch oven bonfire recipes: the devil’s cherry cobbler

Dutch oven bonfire recipes: the devil’s cherry cobbler

It’s your turn to cook the campfire on this weekend’s outdoor camping trip and you already have all your campfire recipes ready, trying to decide which ones to use. You want to impress your fellow campers with your expert culinary skills, but you also don’t want to get stuck in the camp kitchen while they have fun. This 1-pot, 1-step dinner dessert will make sure you are remembered. And it’s so easy, you can make it in 5 minutes, put it on the fire, and forget about it until it’s done. The result will be a desert of bonfires that they will talk about for years.

Devil’s Cherry Cobbler dessert is cooked in a cast iron Dutch oven and served as well. Less mess, less cleaning. The only kitchen utensils you will need are a cast iron Dutch oven and a large serving spoon.

Devil’s Cherry Cobbler Ingredients:

  • 2 – 18-19 oz. Devils Food cake mix boxes
  • 3 – 22 oz. cans of cherry pie filling
  • 1 – 20 oz. Dr. Pepper bottle
  • 1 – stick butter
  • 1 ounce. cooking oil


  • Open Dr. Pepper ahead of time to get the carbonation out, you don’t need fizz for this campfire recipe.
  • Per 1 oz. of cooking oil into a clean cast iron pot and use a paper towel to wipe the inside of the pot. Leave the remaining oil in the pot.
  • Open the cans of cherry pie filling and pour into the pot.
  • Go ahead and drink about half the Dr. Pepper, you only need half a bottle for this recipe. For that in the pot too.
  • Pour both boxes of Devils Food Cake Mix on top of the Dr. Pepper and cherry filling. DO NOT REVOLVE!
  • Cut the stick of butter into patties and spread them over the top of the dry cake mix.
  • Put the lid on the Dutch oven, – You’re done.


With this cake-like campfire recipe, you’ll want your Dutch oven to function like an oven, so make sure you have plenty of hot campfire embers to use. You will need a good bed of charcoal, at least the same diameter as your Dutch oven, with enough leftover to form a good layer on the Dutch oven lid.

This recipe will take 35-45 minutes to cook. After 20 minutes, lift the pot and turn it about 90 degrees one way, and turn the lid 90 degrees the other way. Check the embers on the lid; they may need to be replenished.

After 30 minutes, lift the lid and look inside, the cake should look semi-dry all over and start to peel off the walls of the pot at the top. When the cake looks dry and separates from the sides of the pot completely, the dessert is ready. Remove from the heat and throw the embers from the lid.

One last tip:

When placing each slice on your outdoor camping partner’s plates, be sure to “flip” the slice so the top of the cake lands on the bottom with the cherries on top. This is the culminating touch that makes it a true camp shoemaker.

This campfire recipe will serve about 15 campers, and maybe a little leftover for a few seconds. And there will be requests for seconds! This is a camping wilderness that never fails and always leaves them talking about how good you are as a camp cook. And you have time to enjoy your accolades because all you had to do to clean up was turn the Dutch oven back on and let it bake on its own.

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