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Does ex have a new girlfriend? This is what to do

“We just broke up and he already has a new girlfriend!”

If something hurts more than an unwanted breakup, it’s losing your ex to someone else. Whether your boyfriend broke up with you in favor of another girl or just met someone while single again, pain and rejection are just as bad.

One thing you need to realize right away is that your ex-boyfriend has physically moved. There’s nothing you can really do about it, and the sooner you see it, the better off you’ll be. As much as you’d like to get in your car and try to prevent your new relationship from happening, this type of behavior will only backfire on you.

Emotionally though? There are many chances that your ex still loves you. Although the act of breaking up may seem sudden, the feelings and emotional ties that developed throughout your relationship did not simply disappear into thin air. Your ex still has strong bonds with you … bonds that she has chosen not to deal with so she can move on and start dating someone else. By playing with these attachments, there are ways to make your ex need and want you back in their life, even if they already have a new girlfriend.

Accept and wait for our boyfriend’s rebound relationship

Initially, you will need to sit on your hands for a while. When your ex has a new girlfriend, they will idolize her during the honeymoon stages of their new relationship. You know how this feels, because the same thing happened to you when you and your ex started dating: those magical few weeks where everything was perfect and neither of you could do anything wrong.

If you show up here, you will look foolish and needy. You can’t be mad, you can’t be mad, and you can’t “warn” him not to date this girl, no matter how bad you think she is for him. Anything and everything you do to stop your ex’s new relationship will be met with resistance, and your ex will lose a lot of respect for you. He knows that you are simply acting out of jealousy and, truth be told, you are.

What to do when you have a new girlfriend

And that may What do you do during this crucial time period? Well, many things. To begin, you should think about the origins of the relationship you had with your ex boyfriend and analyze what they were like as a couple. Don’t just remember times and places, try to remember feelings and emotions. Try to remember how you treated your ex, how you talked to him, and what your behavior was like. Also try to remember what he liked about you, because only by recreating those circumstances can you make your ex want you back.

The next thing to do is get out of your downward spiral. Bitterness, rejection, hopelessness, despair … all these things will weigh you down, increasing your misery even more. Do you think your ex will want you back when he sees you like this? It won’t even be remotely interested. This is why you need to get up, dust yourself off, and move forward in a way that looks confident, independent, calm, cool, and totally serene.

Imagine presenting yourself in the most attractive way possible. Start hitting the gym, get a tan, buy yourself some new clothes … look good, feel great, and do your best to hit your ex on his butt the next time he sees you. Physically, you want to be at your best. Mentally? The same thing. Pass on good vibes, go to fun places with friends and family, be happy, charismatic and someone everyone wants to be with. All of these big improvements are things you should do, whether you want your ex boyfriend back or not, so go ahead.

Avoiding the friendship trap

Some guys will still try to keep in touch with you when they have a new girlfriend. You might think this is a great way to stay in their life, but in reality you become nothing more than a safety net … a backup … a plan ‘B’. Your ex will continue to accompany you while you decide if your new relationship is working or not. This is not what you want, because it will severely prolong your breakup. And while you wait for the table scraps of their current romance? It will also erode your ex’s respect for you.

Seeing and hearing your ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend will also drive you crazy. You will become increasingly jaded and unpleasant with him, to the point where you hardly even want him back. In time, even if they got back together? You would have bitter feelings for him for the rest of your relationship and you would always crucify him for what he did. This would destroy any chance you might have of having a healthy long-term romance, even if you were to have it again.

Your best option is to refuse to be friends with an ex who is dating someone else. Just tell him that you love him too much to make a fake friendship with him. Walk away and tell him that you both better do your thing. This force your ex to make a decisionand it is one of the best ways to get it back.

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