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Do I need to include my podcast in Apple podcasts?

If you think about the question: Who makes the best fried chicken? Your answer would probably be “KFC”. Also, if you think of the best burgers, you might say “Burger King.” Anyway, when you think of Podcasts, you probably think of “Apple”. After all, the word ‘Podcasting’ developed from the word ‘iPod’. Still, what makes Apple so great? Stay a while and let us discuss it.

Apple is the proverbial giant in the podcasting world because the brand is already a dominant element in the minds of millions of people. So, if you are a podcaster, you will definitely want to be on Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes). Millions of people access your platform every day.

If you have your podcast listed, it automatically gives you access to listeners who can become subscribers and ultimately customers. Consequently, most of the people have already downloaded the iTunes or Podcast application. If you stream your show from another platform, people may not bother downloading another app just to listen to your show.

A bigger share of the pie

Without a doubt, the iTunes application is one of the most popular applications used on smartphones. Almost 90% of the world’s podcasting shows are listed there. Almost 80% of the other platforms will access your RSS feed to capture your episodes and share them with your customers. Almost 70% of all podcast listeners have access to this platform. Also, about 60% of listeners use this application to download their favorite programming.

Ultimately, if you’re not using Apple Podcasts to list your show, you’re missing out on reaching 60% of your listener base. It doesn’t really matter what genre or niche you’re in, you’re easier to find if you’re listed here.

This platform is an extremely good option if you are just starting out as it promotes new shows and gives you the opportunity to be exposed to a potentially much wider audience.

With a little planning and effort, you can have a successful launch into the world of podcasting. Some podcasters have been able to monetize their shows. But they couldn’t have done it without being included on this platform to begin with.

Some advantages of listing with Apple

1. You will be able to run your own ads during your broadcast (within your recording). As a host, you can even promote brands or take advantage of endorsement deals.

2. The approval of your program takes between 24 and 72 hours. However, there are special cases that can delay the period to longer times.

3. You can use your analytics to determine which episodes are the most popular. You can analyze your audience’s preferences to determine what types of shows they like or don’t like.

4. Apple connect: this function allows you to manage your Podcast, with the help of the following operations:

ยท Allows you to customize your library by deleting or downloading episodes.

Change the playback sequence

Drop out

5. It also has some nifty tools, like:

Integrated Players: which allows your listeners to check your library of all the episodes you have uploaded. The built-in player allows you to effortlessly stream your episodes from your host to the end consumer, your listeners.

Marketing Tools – Help create a clear path for your listeners to access your published files. It also allows you to take advantage of custom badges and links.

Analytics – The analytics feature is probably the most interesting or most valuable resource available on your platform. You can use it to evaluate the overall performance of your podcast. With this feature, you can determine the geographic location of your listeners and how many of them are listening to your program from beginning to end. You can then use this information to make better decisions regarding your promotional and marketing efforts.

The bottom line is that Apple Podcasts is a free tool that is very, very popular. It is very easy to use and offers numerous benefits to Podcasters who list their programs on their platform. Take advantage of their services and grow your podcast listening audience!

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