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Choosing a suitable aquarium decoration for girls

Choosing a suitable aquarium decoration for girls

Not many would mind admitting it, but the world of aquarium decorations tends to be a bit male-oriented. Looking at all the different tank ornaments from a distance, you can see that they make up themes like Pirates, Sunken Shipwreck, Greek Ruins, Skulls, and more. This does not mean that these topics are not things that girls do not care about. My own daughter is crazy about pirates, especially since Captain Jack Sparrow appeared in the movies. But younger girls may not yet like things that portray exciting adventures or hulking ancient creatures. They may be looking for softer and more colorful alternatives and you may feel a bit of pressure looking for ornaments that interest them in fish farming.

There are still some really cool options if you want a colorful, lively theme for your little girl. We will look at some of the best options that would guarantee that your little daughter will love the aquarium you bought for her and will stay interested in it for a long time.

The first option would be the castles. What girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess when she grows up? My teenage daughter may be a tough tomboy right now, but when she was little, she used to dress in her prettiest princess outfit with her little tiara prancing around the house every day. With the castle theme, what you’ll want to look for are the ones that are the most colorful and fun. There are numerous realistic castle decorations for sale, but they tend to look gloomy and most of them in ruins. They make a stunning looking decoration in the eyes of an adult, but can be a bit too kinky for a little girl. Try to get some colors that allow the fish to enter the interior, as the cave would be of great benefit to the fish.

Another really cool suggestion would be the Dora the Explorer collection. Dora has numerous fish tank decor pieces that you can use in the aquarium, displaying her in various poses and outfits. You can even get the other characters from the show, like Boots, his monkey friend, as well as his cousin Diego. Combine these, place them with some rocks and aquatic plants and they would look exactly like a scene from one of the cartoon shows.

Next we have the Atlantis theme. Ignore the ruins and temples on it. You should focus more on getting a mermaid or two. Then add one of the colorful caves you could get, with little painted corals and anemone that will look really eye-catching. To complement the theme, if there is some room to spare, you can add a couple of sea creatures. Get the fun ones that look like cartoons like seahorses and starfish to create a really fun theme.

The last option would be fairies. Honestly, there are very few fairy tank ornaments for sale. But if you want, you can get some resin home decorations that can be placed inside the aquarium. Just make sure there are no metal parts and that the ornaments are not hand painted without a layer of protection to prevent the paint from wearing off and seeping into water. You may want to check out the Faerie Glen Bubble collection, which in my opinion are some of the most beautiful fairy ornaments on sale today.

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