So do you want to be a programmer? That’s how!

Why should I be a programmer? Well, you may already have the answer to this question, if you are reading this article. When I originally decided I wanted to work in the IT industry, it was programming and software development that interested me. I liked the idea that you could create things on the computer based on what you tell […]

Contract management: the need and the best way to do it

In business, when two or more parties enter into an agreement on some work, they prepare an official document that contains all the details of the service and work that they would be providing, the scope of the work, the nature of the work, deadlines, quality standards, actions on what can be done if they do not deliver what was […]

Server failover solutions

Failover is a word used in IT circles to describe the ability of a system that automatically switches to a redundant or standby system to continue operating smoothly when the initial system fails for any reason. If the first system goes down, the standby or redundant system will be activated automatically so there are no interruptions. Having a failover solution […]

Tips for baby photography

Some of the cutest photos of children taken are during their baby and toddler years. This is when they experience their “firsts.” Whether napping, crawling, yawning, smiling or walking, capturing the moment is priceless. Photographing your baby is not an easy task. Avoiding the wiggling and squirming, or the pouting and crying, to get the perfect image takes time. To […]

The key to much more traffic

Everyone wants to hold the key to much more traffic in their hands. It’s so close, but you just can’t get your hands on it. This is mainly because, instead of supporting this method, the “gurus” tell you that it is a dangerous method. That’s true, but only because people use it the WRONG way. We all know that email […]

TV episodes named after song titles

While my daughter was going through a list of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I noticed something unusual in your titles. Almost all of them were named after a well-known rock song, including “Let It Be” and “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles. Several episodes took their title from REM songs, such as “Losing My Religion” and “Begin the Begin”. […]

Solar LED Street Light Price

Street Light Price The Solar LED Street Light is an efficient lighting option for the streets of your community. It only needs to be powered up when it’s needed, so it’s energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Besides providing excellent lighting, it also provides security for your home or business. It has a large lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8800mAh. The battery […]