Impact of the Internet on the attitude and behavior of children

INTRODUCTION We live in the information age, where knowledge is power. The Internet is here to stay and it is happening. Lifestyles are changing. Newspapers are available on the web. Movie tickets can be booked online by logging into the relevant sites. Entertainment concepts are changing. One can watch movies, listen to songs simply by connecting to these sites from […]

How to connect your PSP to your TV

To connect your PSP (Playstation Portable) to your television, simply plug the AV cable into the headphone jack of your PSP (Playstation Portable) and the other end into the television. There are different types of AV cables such as S-Video and Component / YpPbPr cables. The type you need will depend on the type of input your television has. The […]

The Rescue Me retrospective

My God, it’s been so long, I never dreamed that you would return, but now here you are and here I am. Hearts and thoughts fade … away Hearts and thoughts fade … away -Pearl jam In preparation for its final season, Rescue Me has been running a promo with this Pearl Jam song in the background as the camera […]

Near Field Communication: The Technology Behind The Shock Phenomenon

Introduction “There is no need to wander around the room bumping your phone into others,” said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, analyzing Android using mobile phones. Why? Because Google has equipped its Android with a technology that allows users to share content via mobile phones simply by tapping! This technology is called Near a communication field And […]

The 40 best romantic things to do

1. Get up very early. Have a special breakfast prepared in advance (croissants, scones, etc.) and set the timer on the coffeemaker. Take a short trip to watch the sunrise together. 2. When your special someone comes home, have a makeshift massage area ready to go (bedroom works best) with candlelight, soft music, and a pleasant scent (perhaps a scented […]