children in the kitchen

When you are a housewife, you will undoubtedly spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen; after all, you are a woman. This is very essential because it eliminates the use of fast food shopping and other unnecessary spending sprees. Being a stay-at-home mom also allows her to expand her meal ideas because she is now able to cut […]

Canceling The Simplicity Of The Cross

False teachers will always try to lead us away from Christ Crucified. They offer formulas for success in the Christian life, but although they take their hats off to Jesus, He is neither the center nor the circumference of their message. “If you do this,” they boast, “then God will do this and that for you.” “Do it and you […]

Pitler Family Law and Mediation, PC

At Pitler Family Law & Mediation, PC, we focus on helping families through the difficulty of divorce. We understand that there is no such thing as an “easy divorce.” Even when the parties have already decided how to divide their assets or have limited assets, the experience of a divorce can be very difficult. Therefore, it is very important to […]

Do you have a spoiled child? Here’s how to cope

Amy was putting away groceries for the day when her daughter, Elizabeth, came into the kitchen demanding the latest iPhone. Amy patiently told her daughter that she had already received another popular and equally expensive phone a few months ago; What exactly was wrong with that? When Elizabeth said that all the “cool kids” had iPhones, Amy didn’t know what […]

How to save time and streamline your day

1. Send gift certificates and gift cards for gifts. Phone in the order: no purchases, no packaging, no changes. This option also helps reduce clutter because the gift recipient can buy exactly what they want, instead of receiving a gift that is never used but remains by obligation to the giver. 2. Buy salad greens and bagged rotisserie chickens, two […]

The most original Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas is perhaps the best time of the year to buy gifts that you could give to your family, especially your parents. When looking for gifts for mom and dad, it’s important that we buy them something special and unique. After all, they are our parents and without them, we would not be in this world right now. Although it […]

Teach your baby to read now!

Babies are born geniuses. They can learn any language they regularly hear before the age of five. They go from saying nothing to speaking practically perfectly at three years of life. This includes the number of languages ​​they are exposed to during this critical period of development. Research has shown that written language, or the ability to read, is just […]