Multi-Family Rental Property – Buy, Sell, Rent

Many of us consider whether purchasing a multi-family rental property is a good fit, in terms of being, a component of one’s investment strategy and process. Like anything else, a smart consumer investigates and becomes familiar with the potentials, the pros and cons, and if it is for them. It is important to understand and evaluate the best buying opportunities, […]

Smart Strategies for Leasing Homes, Condos, Duplexes, and Townhomes in a Tight Real Estate Market

1. Looking for houses and looking for apartments are two completely different animals and require different approaches. In the apartments there is always another available next week. In the houses, each one is unique and, once rented, disappears. So being prepared is especially important when you need a home. That’s particularly true in high-end or well-located homes. 2. Remember, you […]

Navigating the 2016 California Commercial Real Estate Market

It’s a great time to be a California commercial real estate borrower if you have profitable properties. Prices are static for the first time in years, the private business loans the market has prospered and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios have increased. New consumer protection regulations have worked in your favor, and new administration may mean more proactive borrowing rates and relaxed […]

Invest in multi-family properties

There are many ways to get started in real estate investing. For the beginner, a good strategy might be to buy a multi-family unit for rent. Four families or less per building is the ideal size to look for. This will allow you to continue acquiring a building with a residential mortgage, taking advantage of the lower interest rates. Here […]

Closing Costs When Buying a Multi-Family Apartment Building

When purchasing a multi-family building as an investment property, closing costs can add up to a large amount and therefore must be carefully calculated as the investor must estimate whether he has sufficient funds for the down payment and closing costs before . to close the deal. It’s also important to estimate how much cash is needed to save for […]