Why Active Recovery Is Good For Your Training

Most athletes are diligent enough with their workouts to incorporate at least one, if not two, days of rest into their workouts to maximize their gains. Rest days are important because they provide much-needed time for muscles to recover from constant use and allow growth and regeneration to occur. Active recovery is another type of recovery period where you do […]

Illiquid assets: donation and appraisal of promissory notes, a fiscally efficient plan

Get a tax deduction for donating donations of non-cash asset promissory notes Illiquid financial asset A financial asset that is difficult to sell because of cost, lack of interested buyers, or some other reason is called “illiquid.” Examples of illiquid assets include: restricted and private stocks, LLC and limited partnership interests, deeds and mortgages, promissory notes, mineral rights, including oil […]

Business Loan Repayment: Can You Handle The Truth?

Both in times of economic growth and recession, the need is heard for governments and especially banks to make loans to small businesses to stimulate and expand the economy. Well, understanding that our economy is based on credit, I don’t see anything wrong with these sentiments. What you don’t hear often enough, however, is about small businesses that won’t, and […]

A Basic Guide for Foreign Buyers of US Real Estate

As the Great Recessions slowly but surely fade with the hope of an eventual recovery looming on the horizon, foreign buyers and investors are beginning to look for opportunities in the American real estate market again. Even though the housing market’s stable recovery is still “in progress,” many foreigners acknowledge that US real estate is “for sale,” plus the dollar […]

Contractors: Have a Licensing Problem? Use this checklist to choose the right attorney

First, a little background: When it comes to contract litigation and collection work, there are many sources of good information for the contractor who needs to hire an attorney. However, a contractor who needs to retain an attorney to handle the defense of his contractor’s license before the State Contractors Licensing Board (“CSLB”) has a much more difficult task: few […]