Increase or decrease in land value?

Tea only The truth in the expression “the land will always appreciate because it is no longer being used” is found in the last 7 words! The finite supply of land does not even come close to guaranteeing that its value will increase over time. Supply is only one factor to consider when estimating how much any parcel of real […]

Are new houses in the UK big enough for everyday life?

A range of families across the UK were interviewed for a study by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) who have been involved in a long-running campaign to draw public attention to the lack of adequate living space. in the new homes that are being built. built in the UK today. Several people reported storing food and household items […]

Do Your Diligence – Find the Profits from Commercial Real Estate

Due Diligence is the process of looking closely at the details of a potential investment, to verify material facts, and to assess the property’s investment potential. While there are numerous factors involved, due diligence is the foundation upon which successful and profitable commercial real estate investing is built. Anything worth doing is worth doing as well as it can be […]

Cell Tower Lease – Letters of Intent

The latest cell tower leasing trick we’ve come across is tower companies using “letters of intent” as a tool to get landlords to sign what they believe to be a harmless letter. Some people are led to believe that this is “just a way to secure these terms with our bosses” or “just a letter of understanding so we can […]

Home Loans: Why Home Loans Won’t Return To 2007 Levels

Commentators have rightly pointed out that since the credit crunch erupted, house prices have been depressed by the depletion of available mortgages. Where before there were 25,000 different mortgages available, now there are perhaps 10% of that. With that kind of narrowing in choice, it’s no wonder home prices have fallen and are still falling. The government has tried to […]

3 of the top 9 reasons the housing bubble is bursting

If you own real estate or are thinking about buying real estate, you better pay attention, because this could be the most important message you receive this year regarding real estate and your financial future. The last five years have seen explosive growth in the real estate market, and as a result, many people believe that real estate is the […]

Shared office space rental

When talking about shared office space, this means that it is an office that is fully furnished and equipped and ready for quick installation. An entrepreneur who does not want to work at home usually uses them or it can be a branch. They are also known as executive suites and business centers. They provide the occupant with telephone, internet […]

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

The mere mention of the word “Thanksgiving” would mean delicious food and dessert, not forgetting roast turkey for most Americans. Although food is an important part of the holiday, the true significance of the occasion is a time for family and friends to thank God for all the blessings they have received. Celebrating Thanksgiving is an important part of American […]

Energy comparison that leads to finding cheap gas providers

In general, it is recommended that to ensure you get the best price possible, you compare your energy bills with all providers on a regular basis. This can be done through home energy price comparisons using energy price comparison sites. So what are comparison websites? Indeed, comparison websites are free, unbiased services that evaluate energy providers by helping people find […]