How smart is YOUR cat?

Any cat lover will tell you that their cat is the most unique, the smartest, and the hardest in the world to fill in the blanks. I, of course, am no different. I read something once, and for the life of me, not only can’t I remember where I read it, but all the details, that the intelligence of cats […]

How to care for a French bulldog

Caring for a French Bulldog, or “Frenchie” as they have been nicknamed, can be a fun and rewarding experience as long as you take the time and put in a little effort. These dogs are great companions, they are very loving and loyal, and they completely trust you, as their owner, to take care of them. The first step in […]

10 promises for my dog

Pets bring us a lot of enjoyment, smiles, laughter, relaxation, refreshment, a new sense of life and a sense of responsibility. Any pet is sweet and adorable. Cats are independent and dependent at the same time. In that sense, a cat requires little maintenance, but it is adorable. Dogs require relatively high maintenance. A dog owner should take a dog […]

4 easy ways to make your cat happier

# 1 motivate your cat to be active Most people have problems with being overweight as their waistline continues to expand, and sadly, their pets experience the same problems as well. According to a current study, about 55% of domestic cats today are overweight. This is due to 3 main problems, such as having a sedentary lifestyle, a high calorie […]

Dog breeds

Selecting the best breed of dog for your family members or for yourself is a very important decision. Pairs of the aspects that a person must take into account before making a final decision: 1. What exactly is the reason for buying a dog? 2. In case you have small children, should you catch a large breed dog or a […]

Taxonomic kingdom of ball pythons

Taxonomy is the system used by scientists to classify living organisms into similar or related groups. As science and technology advance and information increases, so do the methods used to determine relationships between organisms. DNA analysis, something that was not available years ago, is now more commonly used to determine how living organisms are related to each other. Previous methods […]

Panosteitis in the Basset Hound

Panosteitis is an ailment that is seen occasionally in the Basset Hound. It is also known as a wandering or transient lameness. It is a bone disease characterized by bone proliferation and remodeling. The condition is associated with many large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, etc. The problem for me lies in the fact that […]

Get to the pet market with customization

Growing up in a house with a few acres of land in a rural community, my brother and I were fortunate to have a variety of animals. We had goats, chickens, and of course cats and dogs. Believe it or not, in my high school yearbook there is a picture of me and my horse: Blazer. Obviously, I am not […]