How Brett Trout’s Cyber ​​Law is a POD Post Example

Cyber ​​Law by Brett Trout (ISBN 978-1-934209-71-4) is an excellent book by a very talented writer. Cyber ​​Law is a great success story for World Audience Publishers, and after reading just a few chapters, anyone can see why! World Audience’s goal is to be a driving force in the ever-changing business of book publishing, which is being sparked by technology. […]

How do you make a relationship work?

Everyone’s relationships are different. But sometimes we face similar problems. Most people enter into a relationship with the best of intentions, assuming that they will remain in a happy and permanent union. Unfortunately, it is not always the case that relationships work out as planned. All relationships have their ups and downs. Read on if you want to know how […]

Heart-healthy diet: what you need to know

Heart disease is among the leading causes of death for both men and women in the United States. While certain lifestyle factors, such as maintaining a stable weight and exercising regularly, are important to maintaining a healthy heart, the foods we choose to eat are just as important. A healthy diet is one of your best weapons in the battle […]

What is a real estate assignment contract?

You don’t have to be a real estate expert to have heard of release agreements. A release is one of the most common types of contracts in the legal world. They are used to allow a company to use someone’s image for commercial purposes. However, a real estate assignment agreement is not exactly the same. In most cases, prospective buyers […]

You have the right to what?

The United States is a melting pot of immigrants, and New York City is a prime example of this. On a recent trip there, an enthusiastic young man who was born in North Africa gave me a tour of Central Park, he spoke 3 languages, was a college student in international relations, and earned a living and college tuition by […]