Push and pull: inbound vs outbound marketing

Reaching potential customers by providing relevant marketing content is one of the most effective brand awareness and advertising strategies and one that enhances the experience of doing business with you. Developing good marketing content is the foundation of an Inbound Marketing strategy. The content you deliver demonstrates both your expertise and understanding of the basic goals and challenges your potential […]

Free SEO tools with your analysis

Webmasters and website owners for years have been fighting for one simple thing: better ranking in search engine searches! The reason is simple and clearly understood. The better the ranking, the higher the traffic to the website and the popularity increases. The motive of the site is fulfilled and the return on investment increases. The process of getting better rankings […]

A short interview with Ben Franklin

The following is a fantasy interview with Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was one of the most interesting and surprising figures of the American colonial period. Host : Our guest on the show today is Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Franklin is a native of Boston, but his adopted cities are Philadelphia, London, and Paris. Dr. Franklin is an entrepreneur, inventor, journalist, editor, […]

Definition of social algorithm

The word social is currently in fashion, we have social networks, social software, social bookmarking and now social algorithm. Social networks are the activity, social software are the tools that make social networks possible, but what is a social algorithm? The following is an attempt to define what a social algorithm is. Social networks. Let’s look at the examples. Famous […]