New York State Certificate of Disability Relief for Convicted Persons

The general purpose of obtaining a Disability relief certificate (“Certified”) in New York is for employment purposes. The Certificate restores some of the rights that are automatically lost due to a felony conviction – revives the holder of all listed confiscations, disabilities, or employment bans that are automatically imposed by law by reason of the conviction of the listed crime […]

Playing Hard with Professional Liability with Federal Agency Attorneys – Part Two

A very common professional liability violation that many federal government agency attorneys routinely commit is not transmitting a liquidation demand from the employee’s attorney to the agency. Many of these Agency attorneys mistakenly believe that when the Agency’s liquidation officer informed the Agency attorney that the federal agency did not have financial authority to resolve an employment case, they are […]

Why Head Hunting Is Expensive

The hiring process has become complex. The old age strategy of Post and Pray is no more effective. Posting a job and waiting for the desired potential candidate to apply is not a smart move. This is where the role of scouts comes into play. Headhunters are specialized recruiters looking for the most powerful profiles such as CEOs, executives, managers […]

The training paradox: train them and they will be more valuable to me and my competitors!

Training is a paradox. If you train your staff, they are not only more valuable to you, they are also more valuable to your competitors. Once they have your training, maybe they will just walk away. The solution: o Hire fast learners o Use just-in-time training For years, consultants have told me to train my employees, that training makes them […]

Do benzocaine condoms work?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that has been around for quite some time. It has many uses, but generally as a pain reliever it works best to relieve unpleasant areas of oral discomfort. It’s now used under many different brand names around the world in condoms, but does that make them safe for men to use? The truth is that […]

Surviving a sexless marriage

I once heard a comedian say, “Sex is a misdemeanor. The weirder, the more cruel I get.” You identify? Sex does so much for the human mind, body and soul in such a short time. It’s a great tool for healing, loving, stress relieving, and even exercising. Going from having unlimited access to sex to ACCESS DENIED is a huge […]

The 5 best (and worst) REALTOR taglines

Let’s get down to business, shall we? The best REALTOR slogans # 5. “My job is your future”– Well. So you understand how important home buying is to me. # 4. “Provider of fine houses for excellent people” – Nothing bad; a little boring, but you are fluent in the language and demonstrate a strong commitment to a target market. […]

Compare me to your ex!

Liz is sick and tired of her boyfriend comparing her to her ex. She feels that she cannot match the image that she has, in her mind, of her ex-girlfriend, whom she almost married. Whenever Liz cooks a meal for her boyfriend, she meets her friends and family for the first time and even when they make love to each […]

Urine tests for employment

The most commonly used drug test for prior employment is the urine test. It is inexpensive and can identify medications that have been used in the last days up to 30 days before the test is done. The 5-panel drug test commonly used for this purpose checks for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCPs, and opiates. Urine tests can also detect other […]

Why is it called Outlaw Karate!

People were trying to get me when I started teaching this thing called Outlaw Karate. Students from other karate dojos pulled my flyers from bulletin boards and poles, I went to watch a tournament, and an instructor threatened to beat me. A Monkey boxing instructor came to my school looking for a duel. And finally I received a death threat. […]