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Best Spa Treatments for 2016 – Get Ready to Rejuvenate!

Best Spa Treatments for 2016 – Get Ready to Rejuvenate!

Spas offer the perfect opportunity for those with stressful lifestyles, which is everyone, a way to refresh and feel ready to face the future. When one feels overloaded and not like themselves, the answer is often to book into spas where they can enjoy massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and a variety of other popular treatments that will renew them from head to toe.

Anyone planning a day spa or vacation should consider one or more of the following most popular treatments this year.

Vitamin C facials

A vitamin C based facial is excellent for tightening and moisturizing the skin using pharmaceutical grade products that also exfoliate and smooth the skin. It works on even the most sensitive skin, renewing cells for brighter, firmer-than-ever skin with a youthful glow.

The process at many spas typically includes a thorough cleanse and rinse, application of a high-quality mask or two, and then complete hydration with a vitamin C-containing product.

Mineral Body Treatment

This treatment includes a nice long soak in a hot mineral bath. Many tourist spas offer access to natural springs, which is a great start. Next, the skin is exfoliated with a product that will leave the skin silky and soft to the touch. Finally, a warm cream massage that contains more natural minerals is performed, leaving the recipient feeling energized and, of course, pain free.

Mineral treatments have been used for centuries to relieve joint and muscle pain. See what a mineral body treatment can do for a stressed body in need of extreme recovery.

Oil and salt scrub

This treatment uses Dead Sea salts for a thorough exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and the application of the ever-popular essential oils. In some cases, spas carefully combine the salts with the oils, but either way it’s a treatment not to be missed.

As the oils penetrate to restore vitality and eliminate dryness, an added benefit to be experienced is the stimulation of the lymphatic system through the accompanying gentle massage. Stimulates circulation and the drainage of toxins from the body while softening the skin.


Soak in a bubbly bath infused with essential oils or various anti-aging and antioxidant products, depending on what you’re looking for. Underwater jets have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and soothe tired, sore muscles.

Plain water is one of the best ways to revitalize yourself after a long work week or stressful situation. Regular soaking is recommended and produces amazing results not only in the realm of skin care, but mental health as well.

holistic facials

Expect a facial evaluation where the holistic therapist will determine a personalized experience that best suits your skin type and needs. The steps generally include:

  • A moisturizing cleanser

  • refreshing tonic

  • Exfoliation

  • A hydrating or firming mask

  • Facial massage

  • eye cream application

Spas often combine this service with makeup application for a fun night, but the natural beauty left behind after this treatment doesn’t even need makeup, really. The choice is up to the clients if they want to include this service or not. Regardless, having a facial that is tailored to one’s specific needs for their skin is a treat not to be missed.

enveloping massage

As an ancient method, wrap massage has been around for centuries, but of late it has been gaining popularity. These are spas that provide a warm wrap of some kind that is placed on any area of ​​tension or pain. The specialist then proceeds to massage the wraps for maximum relief.

Circulation is increased for additional health benefits, and the recipient feels nourished and cared for as they deserve, leaving them feeling refreshed. Various herbs and grains can be used in conjunction with the wraps.

Finding the best spas that offer these treatments and more will ensure that one feels much better to face each day.

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