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Best Grill Island Questions: Grill Components and Outdoor Kitchen Island Accessories

Best Grill Island Questions: Grill Components and Outdoor Kitchen Island Accessories

Nobody cooks the same way, and why would we want to? Like all cooks, each grill island is unique in form and function. A grill island is an outdoor kitchen island that prominently features a grill component. The rest of the island is decked out to the nines with luxurious kitchen and living accessories that are valued by the user. Ideally, the finished product allows users to grill their food from start to finish without having to rush to and from the indoor kitchen and outdoor grill. Consider the following valuable components for your island or outdoor kitchen.

The umbrella placement is an available upgrade for those who go the extra mile with their outdoor grill setup. A retractable umbrella or canopy not only enhances the grilling experience, it will also encourage you to use the grill area more often. Instead of grilling only when the summer weather isn’t too hot or too cold, you can grill whenever your taste buds order that grilled fruit salad or a lean cut of beef. Outdoor umbrellas and awnings protect and optimize grilling conditions.

Refrigerator and bottle opener features encourage family and friends to gather around the grill space. Fill the fridge with cold drinks, hummus, carrots, and more, and you’re done! The grill island is the life of the party. The person who cooks on the grill often walks away from the party, separates from the crowd, and stands in the corner controlling the meats and vegetables. The refrigerator and bottle opener combination makes the cooking space the center of attention, and for good reason.

The components of the sound system also serve to make your grill island the ideal place. Often times the chef who cooks on game day carefully times his exit from the TV and rushes through the grilling process so as not to miss any part of the game. Add AM / FM, CD player or MP3 dock to the grill island and the chef doesn’t have to miss out on the great work. Or, for outdoor barbecues, the island grill doubles as a DJ station, encouraging everyone to gather and mingle around the island.

Mobility is often overlooked when purchasing a grill island. When you’ve built your island that is so uniquely yours and perfect for you, what happens if you rearrange your outdoor space or move house? Grill islands are made to last a lifetime. If you want yours to stay with you and only you, consider mobility before making a purchase.

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