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Best Books for Bar Exam Preparation

Best Books for Bar Exam Preparation

Preparing for the bar exam requires you to practice, practice, and practice more, but having the right resources to study is just as important. The focus of this article is on materials that worked for me and recommended to me by ABA law school graduates and colleagues who passed the bar on their first try. After following his advice, I finally passed.

First, you must have the current version of Mini Convisor Review from Barbri. It is the entire black letter law you need to memorize for the bar exam. The law provided in this guide is complete, comprehensive, and includes all the elements that you will need to discuss in your essay responses. Use this review guide to create your rule statements and you’ll be on your way to passing the bar exam. You can buy it used or new.

The MBE part requires more practice. You can use any of the MBE question books on the market and there are even online test programs available if it suits you. I suggest Emmanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE. Answer as many practice questions as you can. You will need to learn from your mistakes and really notice the patterns in the questions in order to answer all 200 questions within the time limit. Then the night before your MBE exam, just review your notes created from the answers you missed during practice.

To pass the bar exam, you need to practice. I recommend writing practice essays under timed conditions. Also, it is extremely helpful to have someone else review your answers and provide objective feedback. I have taken several bar exam review courses and all but one inflated my practice essay scores too much, leading me to believe that I was performing better in practice than on the bar exam. When I finally found Bar Graders on the web and took over 40 practice essays, my exam score improved significantly. These are students who passed the bar exam and I don’t want anyone else to rate my practice essays. Without a doubt, they should be your only bar review course.

Finally, a word about the performance test. Try a strategy that allows you to work efficiently on the performance test. There are many performance test strategies that will allow you to prepare a grid outline of the problems that match the law and work from that grid to write or write your answer. Forget those rainbow chart, chart and marker approaches because they don’t work and waste your precious time. Of course, many of the bar review courses include performance test materials, so you may not need to purchase additional materials. However, if you are wondering what else is available and what has worked for other examinees, then additional materials are worth searching for. I wish you the best in your exam preparation and career.

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